If we are to believe the Bible as a history book outlining the rise and fall of the human race, then we have to also believe the story of the fall of mankind, for it is the only logical explanation for what we see around us, that is, “issues” we all have. Fears, doubts, anxieties, problems in relationships at work, at home, with relatives, loved ones and the list goes on and on.It brings on wars, murders, rapes, thefts and corruption.

As the Bible explains it, this fall took place back in very ancient times with a mysterious tree that the Creator placed in the Garden of Eden and warned not to eat of it, lest you perish. Today, of course, that is considered an old wives tale and could not possibly be true. But what if it is?

What IF this tree contained some sort of very deadly spiritual knowledge, and what IF this knowledge really is the cause of ALL OF MANKIND’S TROUBLES AND PROBLEMS? And WHAT IF this knowledge is what has caused a total LOCKDOWN of the Matrix, we all live and die in? And what If this knowledge altered our DNA and genetic code so that we cannot do anything whatever to alter it or change it, and thus we are TRAPPED in this powerful battle we all have?

In other words, we are what we are, and even with all of science not able to change any of it? Would that not mean we are LOCKED into this system of “dualism”? To extend this concept even further, what if there is a place where this knowledge of good and evil does not exist?  


If we take a look at this knowledge of good and evil, which in reality are two opposing powerful spiritual or soulish forces that struggle within us all 24/7/365, the concept becomes very real that humanity is TRAPPED BY ITS VERY NATURE, CUT OFF FROM THE CREATOR, DEAD TO THE CREATOR, and hence collectively, Earth really is the PLANET OF THE LIVING DEAD. “Let the dead bury their own dead”.

We are alive, we are born, live and die, but if the story of Genesis is TRUE, and the FALL IS REAL, and the FALL CENTERS AROUND THIS KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, right? The Bible says we are without excuse – that the real truth of humanity’s problems all go back to this fateful event, an event that caused humanity to be REBORN into an entirely new existence, the one we all call “normal” and simply accept our human “frailties” and “issues” as life.


My point is simple – the Bible says our existence IS NOT NORMAL, it is an ANOMALY, totally abnormal and it is a DISASTER. The culprit is this KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. This also means we cannot do one thing about our fallen nature, fallen because of this knowledge. We are also told that a curse was placed upon our planet, and we went into a total lockdown. It also means a veil came down over our minds so we cannot fathom our true reality and the danger we are all in.

Thus it is that we are fallen, lost and headed to a very bad place just as the Bible tells us. Hence it is that IF mankind is to be rescued from his dilemma it must come from OUTSIDE THE MATRIX and with the approval of the Creator.

Enter Jesus Christ, the only religious leader that told us we are in a prison house, we are headed for total ruin and that He had come into the Matrix for one purpose – to rescue anyone who wanted to be rescued. In other words, this very strange individual came into our dimension, warned us of the realty of human existence, warned us we are all dead men walking, and that He ALONE had the keys to LIFE and would recuse us IF we would comply with His instructions.

Hence, He said “if you hear my words and DO THEM you will be rescued, but if you hear my words and DO THEM NOT, you will remain a part of the LIVING DEAD. Do you see? Humanity is trapped in the Matrix. They cannot escape on their own. They are under quarantine.  Mankind has a virus, mankind is diseased, sick and needs a physician who knows how to cure it. He alone has the KEY TO SAVE. He alone has the medicine that cures the illness of the hearts of man. That is why the Bible says that there is only one name under the heavens that can SAVE. Reject it and you remain sick unto death and ruin. There are no options here, it is either or, and always has been and always will be until OMEGA POINT.

Because of the knowledge of good and evil, the human heart is desperately wicked, the human mind is a total enemy of God, the core heart of man is in full and constant rebellion against the Creator, and the vast majority of humanity has elected to remain DEAD and has rejected LIFE ETERNAL simply because they cannot and will not admit THEY ARE THE LIVING DEAD.