Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-2-2020 – Virus Panic, WHO, CDC, War & Lies

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-2-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Food Supply Lines In Danger, Panic At Costco, Lock-downs Coming, War Dangers Increase


So here we are with government lies while pandemic spreads – is America the actual target for massive depopulation? Virus proven to be weaponized lab produced for military purpose. Mike Adam warns get your food supplies while you can as he is getting delayed supplies. Suggests going to local food suppliers NOW and not to wait – Amazon appears to be slowing or stopping orders for foods and other supplies. Perhaps over-whelmed by panic orders, or they are just going to limit what you can order. Rumors of banks stopping withdrawals also beginning to surface, no vetting to prove it. In Middle East, Turkey says will go to war with Russia, and will take Damascus. No reply from Putin, but do not forget Psalm Two, and more…