Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-15-2020 – The Other Thing & Possibly This

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-15-2020 @ 7:00 PMCT

Trump, Coup, Jade Helm, Shutdowns, False Flags, Lies & More Lies


For years I have warned everyone not to trust government, because all governments only have their own interests at heart, not yours. The Coronavirus lies are rampant and so contradictory that one must always go back to those things we know as factual. The Bible says there will be pandemics, plagues, etc. in the LAST DAYS. It also tells us that there is a huge global conspiracy of world leaders of Mystery or Masonry. The Georgia Guidestones tell us all about a massive depopulation plan. It appears that the Coronavirus is a bio-lab 4 weaponized virus, and the mismanagement of containment appears to be willful. This appears to be a well-planned effort to weaken America in a phase one wave to soften her up before the main attack occurs. We are approaching another 4-11 PASSOVER and one might do well to anoint their homes with oil just as Israel did in Egypt to avoid being hit by this plague and the aftermath. Read Psalm Two and 91 for comfort and more on tonight’s show…