Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-6-2020 – Super Moons, Purim, Abib, War & Mystery

Tonight On Night Shadows For 3-6-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Crowns, Virus, Pet Goat 11, Purim, War, Red Weddings And More…



The Matrix has a script, and it is being played out by Mystery before our very lives. In the video Pet Goat Two we find sequence of events that may or may not play out, but as shown reveals Mystery of the Bible is about to launch their final attack upon humanity and usher in ANTICHRIST. We have spoken of many clues related to the number 20 and 3 and how the Lord uses those numbers for RESURRECTION. Inasmuch as this year is 2020, and the Jewish year is 5780 (another 20) and a THREE-YEAR DELAY from 2017, then the launch of the Coronavirus is RIGHT ON TIME for the END GAME TO BEGIN. We have a global pandemic in the making (if not already) as shown in Pet Goat Two, and we see the symbol of Mystery on the TV Screen,, then we see TR3-B attack the tomb of Mordecai & Esther BEING BOMBED and then ANTICHRIST IS REVEALED. The indication is that THIS PURIM may be the date of the bombing and if so, that means major and horrible events are about to break out in the near future. However, no one knows if all of this is this year, nest year or after, so we must wait and watch with eyes and ears wide open. More evidence that this virus is in reality A NANOBOT designed to look like a virus, but can mutate rapidly and is somehow connected to 5G and more…