Best’s Intelligence Review For 3-20-2020 – Shearing The Sheep

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-2–2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Bible Codes, Virus, Martial Law, No Questions Asked & The End Of Days


In this special report we will review a number of comments from viewers and reports from across the USA to get a feel as to what is actually going on in regard to restrictions on freedoms, etc. Reports are coming in concerning the setting up of road check points, banks going to drive through only, food shortages, restaurant closings, and how all of this will topple the economy, and how the government is going to be handing out cash creating a form of instant socialism, bailing out huge business concerns creating instant nationalism and how it appears this really is the END GAME and the rise of the New World Order. Reports of military activations, FEMA and Homeland Security being activated mean more draconian controls are coming nationwide. Prepare for NO SHOWS, as censorship and interference in these types of broadcasts is increasing. Prepare for electrical shutdowns, possible fake EMP attacks and communications shutdowns…

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