Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-18-2020 – Total Lockdowns Coming Rapidly

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-18-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Virus, Isolation, Mark System, Lockdown, Check Points & More…



Things are now moving very rapidly towards a total and complete lockdown of America. North Carolina County shuts down roadways, everyone must stop at checkpoints and prove who they are and that they are residents of that county, etc. It has begun and this type of clampdown will soon involve the mandatory vaccine or Mark in order to operate in society – THE END GAME HAS BEGUN, and that means the New World Order & social credits system is near – the implosion of the economy, the shut-down of most business operations means total wipe-out and that will force everyone to turn in their cash, their gold, silver, etc. and move to the digital world of a cashless society. Trouble is coming rapidly, and new earthquake activity and magma rising means new trouble for America…