Best & Taylor Update For 8-22-2018 – Waiting For The Big One

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

More Quakes – More Coups, More War Preps & More Lies


It is getting more and more difficult to find out the real truth these days because of media silence, spin or outright lies. When the Lord said that the last of the last days would be nothing but deceptions He was not fooling one bit – the huge earthquakes we have had in the last 48 hours has been, for the most part, not even mentioned – even though two of them were 8.2 magnitude – Earth changes are being hidden if they can be so as not to alarm the general population of the world – along with many other things the New World Order does not want you to know! It appears that Syria and Iran are gearing up for a major invasion of Israel, Kim continues his nuclear and missile testing, while the Trump Coup continues unabated and more…