Best & Taylor Flash Update For 8-9-2018 – Is Isaiah 17 Close?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Israel Pounds Hamas, Syrian-Iranian Bases & No Cease Fire, New Space Force and more…


It appears that we may well be watching the beginnings of the Isaiah 17 war, as Israel is now attacking any and all Iranian assets in Syria after Iran launched some rockets into Israel – and the latest news is hard to obtain because there is a virtual blackout on all American MSM concerning what is really going on in Israel. Always keep in mind Psalm 2 and that the kings and rulers, the rich men (military-industrial complex), who need their world war to bring in their long-awaited NEW WORLD ORDER. In the meantime, the purging of alternative news sites appears to be the beginning of the end for free speech in America, something that cannot be allowed in the New World Order. America is in the process of implosion from within and will be attacked from without in what could be a long drawn out operation over a few years – but one thing is becoming very clear – all the signs point to the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week and that is all about Israel, Jerusalem and the people of Israel – it has nothing to do with the Church of Jesus Christ. How close are we? No one knows, stay tuned…