Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-1-2018 – Silence Of The Lambs

Trump Coup Intensifies, Lawlessness Prevails, The Silent Majority Remains Silent…


The Strong Delusion

The sheep are about to sheared and are being led to the slaughter with nary a whimper – the police surveillance state is now going into full speed ahead. Google, it is said, knows more about you that you do!! They track everything you do from locations, to purchases, to every keystroke on your computer, your cell phone calls, your emails, twitter, Facebook, all social media, all web movements etc. Nowhere to hide is the communist/socialist Masonic New World Order. It will fall into place with no warning – it will suddenly just be there. The comatose masses have no chance – this will come upon them as a SNARE, and it is now very close. The blood moon over Jerusalem was perhaps a final warning, an evil omen for Israel, who is about to make the “bots” Israeli Mistake”. President Trump is doing nothing to stop all of the utter lawlessness, and one wonders why that is so. At the same time earth changes, solar radiation and other anomalies are rapidly appearing ALL OVER THE GLOBE. We are nearing the end of 70 years for the Nation of Israel, and 70 usually concludes things – unless there is further delay. HANG ON, the ride could get very bumpy. The resistance is gearing up for a major showdown and moreā€¦