Best & Taylor News Update For 8-8-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows 8-8-2018

Bible Codes, Space Fleet, Trump Coup, Silence Of the Lambs, August 11th


New Bible Code seems to totally verify existence of top secret Space Fleet that has been in existence for many years! More proof of what a few have known about for some time now – but verified by the Bible, which also says mankind builds their nest in the “stars”. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more are now moving into high gear to censor all news except approved news by the “ministry of truth”. Meanwhile the Trump coup also is moving into high gear as the deep left/deep state pushes to destroy Trump. The recent win for the Republicans will only make Deep State move quicker to a false flag attempt of some type. August the 11th may hold a few surprises because of what is going on in Jerusalem and the world at large – is it possible that the Feast Day known as Pentecost has been celebrated for centuries on the wrong day, and that in 2018 ii falls exactly on August 11th, along with a solar eclipse, all planets being on one side of the Sun along with a meteor shower? ¬†What will all of this symbolize as we move through many, many signs? Earth changes are on the move and more…