Best & Taylor News Hour For 8-17-2018 – Calm Before The Storm

Tonight On Night Shadows At 7:00 PM CDT

Planet-X, Earth Changes, Israel Preps For War, Kim & Nukes and more…


Under the cover of spiritual darkness, the final plans of the Psalm Two wars are being laid down and are about to begin. The alignment of the nations is all but complete, with only Turkey still playing both side of the fence, but that will now change because of the sanctions being laid down by Trump. Meanwhile North Korea, being aided by China and Russia is finalizing their plans for an attack upon America and Israel. Putin says he wants Iran out of Syria, but nothing has happened on that front. Meanwhile, the so-called “Peace Plan” of the Trump White House is being touted as the “solution” of the Middle East/Israeli conflict – but those who know Bible prophecy know better! Earth Changes abound the world over, solar anomalies persist, Planet-X is getting closer and much more on tonight NIGHT SHADOWS…