Best & Taylor Special Report With Augusto Perez -At the Cusp of Revolution


Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Special guest Augusto Perez Will Join Stewart & Larry To Discuss War & Revolution In America & The Arrival


Augusto will join us for his take of what appears to be a very rapid change taking place in America as we rush headlong into a communist revolution taking place right under the noses of Americans who seem to be totally unaware of what is happening all around them. No one on MSM is calling this what it really is, and the communist manifesto is going into high gear as DEEP STATE needs to overthrow America, so it can join the communist United Nations New World Order under the communist UN Charter. Over 20 years ago I told the American people in my documentary IRON MOUNTAIN what was coming and it is now here. It appears that the trigger event may come August 4, 2018 in Portland as more and more reports are coming in concerning a confrontation between the communist ANITFA and PRO-TRUMP people. Warning flags abound even from ICE officers in Portland as the Mayor refused to send police protection. Antifa says it will bring guns to this confrontation – does any of this have to do with the blood moon and Mars conjunction and a SEVEN DAY WARNING? And does it also warn us of the impending FALSE ARRIVAL of the 4th Reich as warned about in Project Bluebeam and much more on tonight’s NIGHT SHADOWS.