Best & Taylor News Hour – 8-10-2018 (9-11) – WAR IN ISRAEL & Much More

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Israel At War, Kim Threatens, China Warns, Turkey On The Brink, Info Purge and More…


When they say peace & security, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION comes upon the world in some sort of GLOBAL EVENT. With wars and rumors of war all around us, with the signs in the heavens warning us for almost two years, with the mockers and scoffers abounding, is it possible that this SUDDEN DESTRUCTION is much closer than any of us realize, or do we have a long, long wait? The gospel has been preached to all the nations, the leaders of the world are all saying or have said “PEACE AND SECURITY”, and Jesus told us that His RETURN FOR HIS BRIDE would be at a time “you think not”, and that things in the world would be business as usual, it seems we need to be fully alert and totally watchful as the time clock of Israel is bursting into flames. Jesus more or less said that this RUIN AND DESTRUCTION would come at a time totally unexpected – as a SNARE, a TRAP. Are we at the cusp of Isaiah 17? Daniel 8? Many signs are now in alignment. Argument arises over what is left to go, but does it matter at this point? Earth changes abound, the info purge is in high gear, the communist coup continues, hate Trump fills the air, and something is in the wind, but no one knows exactly what it is – as the song does, something is going on here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear”, and more…