Best & Taylor News Hour For 7-27-2018

As It Was, So Shall It Be, Signs, Bible Codes, Blood Moons, Mars, Tu’B’Av, 9-11 & War Drums



Will President Trump be the “war president” as opposed to Obama, who got the Oslo peace prize? Trump has openly threatened Iran, just as he did Kimmy of North Korea. While many might say this is simply part of Trump’s strategy, Iran is a lot different than North Korea. It has been stated that Iran has moved another 80,000 troops into Syria, which bring their total of 160,000 troops. Israel has stated that ALL IRANIAN TROOPS must leave Syria. Assad has said he wants Iranian troops there, and has said he would also allow Iran to build several bases there. That means WAR must be close – either Isaiah 17 or Daniel 8. With Mars, the PLANET OF WAR showing up on the Lord’s Feast day, we must be getting very close indeed if SIGNS MEAN ANYTHING. Water found on Mars is another step in the disclosure project concerning “life out there”, as “where there is water, there is life”, sort of thing. This is all to prepare humanity for the ARRIVAL of the fallen ones. Time codes have all but run out – it appears there will not be much delay for the GREAT WARS to begin. Heads up and more…