Bible Codes, War, Mars, Iran, Syria, Putin & The Dogs Of War Unleashed

Best & Taylor Intel Update For 7-24-2018 – FIRE IN THE SKY


Soon after the Trump-Putin summit, we find Israel attacked Hamas on the 9th of Av, and now Israel has attacked Iranian forces in Syria – and in return, Iran sent in a fighter that Israel shot down. That fighter came from an Iranian controlled airport – and that should be considered an “act of war” by Israel, but no one knows what their response will be. We only know what the Bible says about it – Isaiah 17 or Daniel 8 , and we don’t know which one is first – not yet, but it seems that if Israel were to launch an attack against Iran or their troops in Syria that they would have to take out Damascus as a first strike to destroy obvious counter-attack capabilities. That would then be Isaiah 17. However, with the Trump-Iran tweets of late, it appears war could be very close at hand. We are rapidly coming up on Tu’B’Av and the blood red moon with Mars close at hand – all of which are symbolic of SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. So we wait, we watch…