Mars – The Planet Of War & Project Redstar


We have just uploaded the documentary PROJECT REDSTAR,  Martian Genesis” to our ANGEL FALL 923 web site for all to see FREE OF CHARGE. You don’t want to miss it for it will only be up for a short time – and then will only be available on our NIGHT SHADOWS MEMBERSHIP SITE.

Mars, the planet of war, will be closest to Earth on July 27th, the night of a a blood red moon over Jerusalem, a warning to not only Israel but the world at large. The fact that Mars is closest to Earth at the very same time is not coincidental – for it also falls on Tu’B’Av, which is symbolic of Christ’s return for His Church.

What was unknown to us at the time of making this two hour documentary was that the Deep State Black Operations were involved in what they called “Project Redsun.” The vast majority of people have no clue that Mars is going to play a major role in the STRONG DELUSION and the ARRIVAL of the so-called Aliens, which we know to be both human and fallen angel deception of the highest order.

This Secret Space Force that President Trump has revealed is just the tip of the iceberg, as PROJECT REDSTAR PROVES INTELLIGENT LIFE HAS BEEN ON MARS FOR A LONG TIME. In the next release, “PROJECT REDSTAR The Lost Generation Of Mars” will prove that the Secret Space Program has been on the moon and Mars for some time. The NASA rocket program (the public one) is just for the masses. NASA operates a secret military operation that is totally off the books.  It is in this secret project that the Nazi/UFO/antigravity all comes together.



This two hour documentary investigates an amazing cluster of intelligently designed structures found on Mars. Some seem very ancient and others seem to be rather modern, but all of them are amazing. Volume one is complete with the original Global Surveyor Satellite Photos, ink lifts, artist renditions and computer animations that give you a clear picture and fly-over’s of this 82 acre colony on Mars. These structures are not just some rocks or hills that light and shadow have magically made to look like buildings. These are clearly visible structures, meeting all criteria for intelligent design. See for yourself, and you will understand why this film will change everything we thought we knew about our own ancient past – for the ancient structures on Earth have now been discovered on Mars.

“The Brookings Report” warned the Government not to tell anyone if they found ancient or modern structures on the moon or Mars. They claimed that the general public could not handle such facts, and that it might endanger world civilization. We believe they were correct, for when proofs such as found in Project Redstar are presented, the government and general public mocks and ridicules the evidence. THIS IS DENIAL and what is known as “normalcy bias.” Don’t disturb the “status quo” and especially don’t disturb modern science and all of their lies and distortions of our “evolutionary past!” How did they get there? Who put them there? And for what purpose? Don’t miss this one!

This will not be up for long as some our other documentaries are already censored. Night Shadows just did an interview with Barry Roffman on the Bible Codes which speak of Mars, Life, War and Trump. Very interesting stuff. Here are the links for both the Project Redstar and Night Shadows radio show:




Here is a link to a 3D article ABOUT ARTIFICIAL STRUCTURES ON MARS!!