Best & Taylor News Hour – 7-1-2018 – Wars & Trouble

On Night Shadows Tonight – 7:00 PM CDT

Israel Wars, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Kim, Trump, Communist Coup Goes All Out


Stewart & Larry are back – Will July be a time of chaos and trouble? A time of revolution and revolt? A time of massive Earth upheavals? Riots in Portland, OR, Antifa back in the news – George Soros, the far left has gone totally communistic, must pull the plugs out – therefore a time of false flags, confusion, chaos – ORDER OUT OF CHAOS – hate Trump insanity, North Korea acceleration of nuclear programs, Israel on high alert – 45,000 Syrian refugees on move towards Israel Border, will America attack Mexico with new communist leader? Alert for Russian subs in Atlantic – Norway military equipment suddenly being returned to America – Homeland Security’s FEMA caught ordering gases to kill Americans – are we at the turning pivot – arrival? Rapture? Tu’B’Av July 27th – Luna eclipse and more…