Best & Taylor News Hour For 7-13-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Project Iran, Tu’B’Av, Trump, Putin, Deep Space, Mars and More…


Israel and Jerusalem are the time piece for the entire world, and the events over there are telling us the time of Jacob’s Trouble is just around the corner. First, we have Jerusalem is now the eternal capital of Israel, then we have the4 embassy construction, and now we are hearing rumbles about a third temple. Trump and Cyrus appear of a coin, a young Israeli lad says huge war only months away (some time ago now), and it will happen on a Blood Red Moon over Jerusalem, which will happen on 7-27-2018 which also adds up to a 27. The number 27 means PREACH THE GOSPEL, something that is directly related to Jesus Christ. Putin lays back in the weeds, while the United States and Israel forge their war plans to bring Iran out. Meanwhile counter plans have been laid by China, North Korea, Iran & Russia as Psalm Two goes into high gear to usher in the fake Messiah and much more…





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