Best’s Flash Intel Update 5-13-2023 – I Didn’t Know This But I Do Now & More…

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 5-13-2023 @ 7:00 PM CT

Economic Warnings, Russia, Ukraine, WW3, Israel, Iran, China, Taiwan, Sightings & More

This is a flash update because of recent statements coming out of government concerning Social Security, government shutdowns at the same time the USA is under an invasion of 5th column military types as Scripture has warned would happen in America. Then we have news that Ukraine has fired long range missiles into Russia and have shot down Russian aircraft – no word yet on a Russia response, but this is not going to end well as the USA/Babylon is now in direct conflict with Russia and Putin knows it. Then we have China and Taiwan, and thousands of Chinese young men coming into America – why? And then there are unveted rumors that many in Government are fleeing America – another sign that the end is now here, and God’s judgment is fall in earnest…


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