Best’s Intel Update 5-3-2023 – Some Of This, Some Of That & Who Knows?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 5-3-2023 @ 7:00 PM CT

Russia, Putin, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, China, Biden, NATO, UN, WHO, WEF, WW3, Earth Changes & More…

So MAYDAY saw a huge attack by Russian forces upon Ukraine but barely a whisper that it ever took place – and this war appears to be totally scripted by global deep state as one does not fight a war such as this unless a “higher power” is building towards something more dangerous. It appears that Ukraine is an “experiment” for the world leaders to test out new weapons of war, bring in a new ID control system to see if this or that works, and on and on. Now we hear that Moscow was hit by a drone strike, but if one watches the video if appears to be more show and tell than any destruction. Are was sort of watching a WAG THE DOG type of war? Then we have earth changes, border problems continue unabated, and well, the Matrix will soon close and humanity of this era will long be a forgotten myth to those of future. So the saying goes, don’t sweat the little things, but now maybe the big things as well?