Running Against The Spirit Wind

Running Against The Spirit Wind

The Spirit Wind of the Creator is still calling to a fallen and lost world, “come, come, come to me, for my burden is light, come to me and I will give you Rest. Let me take your burden, enter into my Love. Let Me show you what True Divine Love really is, let me give you my covering of Divine Love, so you can rest from your labor, rest from your issues, rest from all that brings you low, rest from all your worries, all of your doubts, all of your restlessness! I am here, so close to you, rend your heart, follow my narrow way unto life and rest eternal!

But the call is drowned out by earthly lies of radio, TV, movies, sports and games and all the other forms of entertainment, work and labor to get ahead in a dog eat dog world, a world of betrayals, lies and deceptions. At the end of it, even those at the top of the world perish and fall away into nothing. Of what have you gained as you lost your soul? Of what great riches have you hidden that will not be eaten away and perish?

The Spirit Wind calls gently, “Seek me and you shall find me, when you seek me with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your strength and I shall give you wisdom and understanding and a REST and PEACE that the world does not know, nor can it know, for it is found only by those who seek me out, for those who will enter in, for those who will take a journey unlike any earthly journey, a walk only known to those who have done it, and they call to you, they call silently, weeping in the night, begging to an unsaved world to come to the SPIRIT REST OF GOD”.

Know you not that everyone born on Earth is a lost and fallen creature, whose destiny is ruin? Know you not that Earth is a planet of the LIVING DEAD? A planet where the fallen are dead to the living God, your Creator? Know you not that if you refuse to listen to the call of the CREATOR SPIRIT that when you perish, you will be lost for all time? Do you not know that the knowledge of good and evil killed humanity? That this knowledge of yours is why you fight, and war, lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape and corruption is ever with you?

Look around you. Stop and really look! Do you really believe this is normal and how it is supposed to be? Open your blind eyes, open them wide, and start asking some profound questions within your soul. Know you not that you are spiritually BLIND, that you walk in spiritual DARKNESS, that there is a thick vail over your heart and mind? That you are in a PRISON HOUSE, a VERY REAL PRISON that you will perish in if you refuse to ENTER IN? That you are destined to perish, to slip away slowly, and descend to a place of utter darkness, a place of mental and spiritual torment, a place for all fallen spirits?

The spirit wind calls you, tugs at you, but you run against this whispered call, you love the world and do not want to ever leave it, but leave it you will, so why not leave it while you are still alive and can be rescued? There is a way out of this prison planet called Earth. There is way few will travel to escape the planet of the living dead and zombies who are spiritually dead to God that populate it. They never realize they really are zombies, the living dead, very much alive to this world, but totally dead in the SPIRIT. Yes, THIS IS A ZOMBIE PLANET, a planet bustling with activity, a planet full of religions, philosophies, political isms and man-made activity and adventure, but nonetheless DEAD TO THE LIVING GOD.

The SPIRIT PLEADS WITH YOU TO STRIVE TO ENTER IN THE STRAIT GATE, TO WALK THE NARROW WAY UNTO LIFE! But the earthly satanic spiritual pull is so very strong and powerful that few want to leave. All of their wants and desires are of this Earth and will soon vanish away as their lives are taken away. FEW. SO VERY FEW WILL HEED THE CALL OF THE SPIRIT WIND, and find the real truth, a divine truth, a pearl of great price, of wisdom and understanding that cannot be purchased with diamonds and rubies and precious stones, a wisdom without price, a wisdom and understanding not found in the land of the living, but known to all who have perished and they found out too late, the rest of the living are running AWAY AS FAST AS THEY CAN, heading for eternal loss and ruin that will soon be made known to them as well.

The call of the Spirit Wind is to walk through the shadow of death, to descend to the lowest room, the pit and wait upon Him who has called you to be His Bride, and when He comes He will show you the REAL TRUTH, A TRUTH THE HUMAN MIND CANNOT BEGIN TO IMAGINE, A TRUTH THAT REVEALS THE HIDDEN WISDOM, THE ULTIMATE TRUTH OF ALL THERE IS, WAS OR WILL BE. Why will you not enter in?

IT IS ALL TRUE, but only those who have entered in KNOW IT IS TRUE, for it is hidden and in a secret place. Seek this out and you find eternal life, eternal love and eternal peace. Why, when the Spirit Wind offers you TRUE LIFE, TRUE LIGHT, TRUE LOVE, do you seek eternal death and ruin? Why do you reject the commands of Jesus Christ and seek after the fake teachers, preachers and evangelists, made rich and famous by the master of Lies? They are the angels of LIGHT, a FALSE LIGHT, a light that beckons the unwary, a trap set to take all who follow them to ruin. They have taken the BROAD WAY, and they PREACH A BROAD WAY TO ETERNAL DESTRUCTION.

Know you not that the end is nigh, and the signs are everywhere? Do you not know your eternal life or eternal death is at stake and teeters in the balance? Time is running out and ANTICHRIST IS RISING?


Matthew 7:13-14

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Matthew 7:26

And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:


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