Best’s Flash Intel Update – 11-1-2022 – This, This & This, Possible That

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio – 1-1-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Russia, Putin, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iran, NATO, China, Taiwan, Kimmy, The Wiz Kid

It seems that things are moving very rapidly as we approach the 4-11 date, with war talk on the rise, seems like WAR EVERYWHERE may be the goal of the elite rich men as they must have their New World Order no matter what the cost to humanity. Insanity rules just as Jesus said it would in the last days, as mankind commits suicide and cannot overcome his nature, but will not turn to the one who could solve the problems. All of this means the first phase of the return of Christ is close at hand, along with an arrival and the rise of ultimate evil in the form of Antichrist. So it goes and will continue to go as the Destroyers move into their final positions. Alas, Alas, Satan will soon arrive for he knows his time is short. Are you ready? Do you know if Jesus knows you?

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