Best’s Intelligence Review 11-11-2022 – Much Of Something But Who Knows?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 11-11-2022 @ 7:00 PM CT

Election, Blue Wave, Israel, Iran, China, Russia, Putin, COP27, New Commandments, 11-11 & More…

So here we are at 11-11 and the warnings of trouble coming are in the heavens, but few are watching. Earth Changes abound the world over, new records, erratic weather, dire prophecies and visions concerning America and her demise continue, election fraud continues, but America in still in the grips of communism and the United Nations marches on with their agenda 21/30 and is busy re-writing the Antichrist 10 commandments at COP27, the return to law-keeping is moving rapidly and the Age of Grace is closing. Daniel’s 70th week approaches and many say we are already in it, but no one knows for sure. Then we have sudden deaths accelerating all over the world because of the Jab but everyone denies the cause and so on and on it goes, but we do know where it stops and more…


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