Best’s Intel Update 6-25-2022 – Only The Shadow Knows If It Is This Or That?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 6-15-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Wars & Rumors, Gun Control, Pox & Fear, Drought, Floods, CME’s & More…

As we sail through all of the Pentecost dates and no rapture. now another Pentecost date is being advanced, proving what Jesus said about “no one knows the day or the hour” and that we are to be awake and watch world events for the 6-15-2022 date appears to be another WARNING cosmic sign of a soon to come rapture event – of course based upon an AT-TRIB or PRE-TRIB removal of the Church and the close of the AGE OF GRACE. So we occupy and continue to preach the TRUE GOSPEL in a world of Christian apostasy and the rise of dominionism. Earth changes abound, with Yellowstone National Park being hit with major floods and odd weather events as we near Daniel’s 70th Week IF the dates are correct. Then we have Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, NATO, WEF, WHO and the UN rising up under our noses and more…


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