When Jesus Christ came into this evil matrix of which the entire Earth and its people are part of, most forget that Jesus came here on a “rescue mission”. He said He did not come to condemn the world, for it was already under condemnation, He came to save it. It was a GLOBAL SALVATION message. It went to ALL THE WORLD, and perhaps should not be considered as just a “Christian concept” as it is today as found in John 3:17:

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that

the world

through him might be saved.

This is a GLOBAL SALVATION OFFER. It goes throughout the world. As said before, the word “Believe” is not what people think. IT IS A LONG TIME, CONTINUOUS, ABIDING BELIEF that is an integral part of OBEY, WITH A CONTINUING ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, STRIVE, CONTINUE until one finds “THE LIGHT”. Do not stop at John 3:15 but read what the entire context is about, which is COMING TO AND FINDING THE LIGHT.

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

The so-called “believing” today is a hoax, it is not true biblical belief whatsoever. This modern belief is a mental assent type of belief, a religion of Cain type of belief, and the leaders of modern Christianity are the modern Sons of Korah, destined to eternal ruin.

The point I am trying to make here is that today we look at the ENTER YE IN as “Christian” only, while in fact it has little to do with Christianity as we know it. This essential command was twisted into a “religious belief”, OR TOTALLY REDACTED, when it has little to do with any religion at all. As I have said previously, Jesus’s message was so radical, so extreme that few ever understand it.

In point of fact no one can understand it unless they OBEY THE COMMAND TO ENTER YE IN. That is, one begins to wonder what is going on here on this God-forsaken evil planet and decides to look for answers DISCOVERS AND OBEYS JESUS’S COMMAND TO “ENTER YE IN” and ask, seek, knock, strive, and continually labor until one finds the real truth behind everything there is or will be. It is an offer of the LIVING GOD TO “INQUIRE WITHIN”. The Bible is written to the entire world, and it applies to EVERYONE alive. It is a Book that is also a legal indictment of all of humanity. GUILTY AS CHARGED; HELL AWAITS.

The entire Scripture rests upon the FALL OF HUMANITY and the loss of DIVINE LOVE, THE LIGHT, just as Jesus told us. As John says, we MUST, and HAVE TO COME TO THE LIGHT TO BE JUDGED. Once to die and then the judgment. That is what the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY IS ALL ABOUT. It is an open invitation to the ENTIRE WORLD TO DIE A MOST MYSTERIOUS DEATH WHILE STILL ALIVE and then FACE THE JUDGMENT OF DIVINE LOVE vs. YOUR FALLEN LOVE TYPES.


This COMMAND TO ENTER IN Satan knew, was the true way out of HIS CONTROL, OF HIS DOMINION. This command had to be buried as quickly as possible to the world, because if it was believed first, and obeyed secondly, meant that Satan would lose far more souls than he has. So he set about to manufacture a multitude of religions, philosophies, political “isms” and “idols” for people to worship or become “busy in”.  ANYTHING, AND EVERYTHING to divert one’s attention AWAY FROM “ENTER YE IN”.

This command to ENTER YE IN APPLIES TO EVERYONE BORN ON EARTH, and it began with a HUGE dispensational change that began on Pentecost. We call it the Church Age, but in truth it is the ENTER YE IN COMMAND AGE, a universal command to all people, all nations, all tribes, kindreds and tongues. It applies to all the secular world. It applies to all religions, all philosophies, “isms” and all offshoots. It is UNIVERSAL. ANYONE MAY ENTER IN.

This offer, however, does have a TIME LIMIT and that time limit is FAST APPROACHING. When it concludes the OFFER TO ENTER IN is terminated. It no longer applies. When it closes, HELL ON EARTH BEGINS. Man’s probation upon this planet is terminated. It appears that time period of termination is 7 YEARS. It is God’s FINAL OFFER TO HUMANITY. If you want to ENTER IN, then you must present yourself to the ANTICHRIST AUTHORITIES and be BEHEADED.

So what has humanity done with this ENTER YE IN command? They rejected it. Even Christianity has rejected it. All the religions of the world have, over the last 2000 years, REJECTED IT. All the secular people have REJECTED IT. All those that have embraced philosophies have REJECTED IT. All those that are into “whatever” have REJECTED IT.

Yet this COMMAND still stands. It is immutable.

It does not matter if BILLIONS REJECT IT. It does not matter who rejects it or why they reject it. It is still there, and I for one can vouch for the authenticity of THIS COMMAND FROM GOD HIMSELF. Walk the WALK, ENTER YE IN and you will find the HIDDEN TRUTH, far beyond ANY BELIEF WE CAN CONJURE UP IN OUR SUB-NEANDERTHAL BRAINS. Jesus Christ is REAL; HE IS ALIVE and IS THE SECRET OF ALL SECRETS. He is SO WELL HIDDEN that few find Him.

In the Book of the Kolbrin, a collection of ancient writings, we find a most interesting comment that totally verifies why Christ said FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT, not because they can’t find it, they REFUSE TO ENTER IN for a trillion different reasons. Satan is a master strategist who knows how to DIVERT attention – thus the Parable of the Sower and all of Satan’s diversion strategies.

“CRT 7:14 (777)

“There is a divine purpose in creation, which may be known only to the few; this knowledge is the KEY to ALL UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. Acquiring it is like the drawing back of heavy curtains, which have kept the room in gloomy half-light, so all things suddenly become clear and distinct. He who gains this knowledge KNOWS THE GRAND SECRET, the RIDDLE OF THE AGES, and knows beyond a shadow of doubt…

CRT 5:46

The words are also there: they did not partake of WISDOM, and fruit from the tree of knowledge is BITTER, MEN ARE DENIED THEIR TRUE BIRTHRIGHT. The fall of man was a fall from loving contact with God into material carnality. The soul that had shared consciousness OF GOD FELL INTO UNCONSCIOUSNESS BY BECOMING ENSNARED IN MATTER.

The fall severed man from his spiritual sustenance, thereafter his efforts were to STRUGGLE BACK. In his blind groping for God after the fall, he discovered DEMONS and found it EASIER TO WORSHIP THEM, than to CONTINUE THE SEARCH…”

Do you see what happened? Do you see WHY JESUS CAME TO RESCUE US? Do you understand now why He and He ALONE has the MASTER KEY to redeem and rescue ALL OF HUMANITY? Do you see why He is the HOTLINK, the ONLY WAY BACK? The command to ENTER YE IN is not a religious command at all – it is a COMMAND to FIND YOUR REDEEMER THAT ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN DO IF THEY OBEY THAT SIMPLE but VERY DIFFICULT COMMAND.

Here is a word of WISDOM from George Fox, a man who found THE LIGHT, Jesus Christ and totally confirms the Bible and the Book of the Kolbrin statements:

The great business of man’s life is to understand the purpose of life, why he is alive; which is to glorify God and save his own soul; this is the decree of Heaven, as old as the world. [The sole purpose of life is to seek God and, on finding him, to enter into union with him.]

Nevertheless man minds nothing less than what he should most mind, and despises to inquire into his own being, its original duty and end; choosing rather to dedicate his days (the steps he should make to blessedness) to gratify the pride, greed, and luxury of his heart. Acting as if he had been born for himself, or rather given himself life, and so not subject to the reckoning and judgment of a superior power, his creator.

To this wild and sorrowful condition, poor man has brought himself through his disobedience to the law of God in his heart,* by doing what he knows he should not do, and leaving undone what he knows he should do. And as long as this disease continues upon man, he will make his God his enemy, and be incapable of receiving the love and salvation that God has created through his Son, Jesus Christ for the world.

Do as you are told you will FIND OUT WHO JESUS CHRIST REALLY WAS. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE SECRET OF ALL SECRETS. You will unlock the mystery of all mysteries. However, if you disobey, and refuse the command, well then, very bad times are ahead.