Best’s Intel Update For 5-4-2022 – Some Of This, That & The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio @ 7:00 PM CT

Leaks, Lies and Video Tapes – How Does One Believe ANYTHING Anymore?

So here we go with more destruction of the United States and the foundations upon which she stands, and the communists move into high gear for the final take-down of the world’s greatest nation bites the dust and is no more. How close we must be to the final curtains to fall upon the “hammer of the whole Earth” as we watch day after day her foundations being removed and ye the people of America-Babylon have no clue as to what is happening all around them. Then we have the mounting death tolls of those who took the Jab, right on time, according to the experts. Then of course we have the expanding drought, open borders and we all should know what happens next. Earth Changes continue and insanity rules the world…


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