Best’s Intel Update For 5-11-2022 – Say What? Maybe This, Maybe That, Who Knows

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 5-11-2022 @ 7:00 PM CT

Russia, Putin, Israel, Iran, Biden, WW3, NATO, Sun Disease, Judgment, Arrival, Delusions, Cain

So here we are, on the edge of destruction but total apathy and departure from all Biblical Truth as humanity runs over the cliff of ruin. The Blind leading the Blind while the truth of Scripture is trodden down and run over by the Antichrist spirit that has been in the world ever since Adam and Eve. The Children of Cain now run the world and modern Christianity as well, as they trample the Word of God under their feet and wonder why the judgments are falling upon them on every side. War is coming, and the missiles will be flying. There is no repentance in the land of mighty Babylon or the world for that matter. Earth changes continue unabated and cosmic changes as well and more…