According to all MSM pundits, Biden won the race with the most votes of anyone in American history. But is it really true, or was there massive communist fraud involved?

It does appear a bit off that Trump could pack in 20,000+ people all the time at his rallies, no matter what state he was in, while Biden could barely get 50 people to his. Not only that, Trump went all over America, while Biden stayed in his basement! If one looks at county maps, which includes most rural folks, America is BRIGHT RED TRUMPY BEAR FOLLOWERS, except for larger or big cities.

Further, we find that the voting software, affiliated with China, was changing all Trump votes to Biden, but NOT the other way around. I wonder why that was? Then we hear that suddenly vast amounts of ballots showed up all 100% in favor of Biden at the last moment, with few if any for Trump. Now MSM is attempting to “explain” such massive changes to cover up the massive irregularities that were showing up.

Anything that is not in agreement with global deep state is a “conspiracy theory” or is misinformation” or “disinformation” and need to be deleted from Twitter, You Tube, Google, etc. Remember that Satan is a liar and murderer from the beginning and he has nothing but hatred within him. He is also the prince and power of the spiritual realms governing the world! He is that Old Serpent that deceives the WHOLE WORLD. Indeed he does, for only a few even know they are in a PRISON MATRIX UNDER HIS RULE.

Not only that, the Torah Code says Biden STOLE THE ELECTION BY THEFT. Now we are finding FRAUD all over the place, but most Americans could care less. And that apathy will cost them everything as they are plunged into the darkest tyranny ever seen on Earth – the reign of ANTICHRIST.

 No one knows and may never know the extent of fraud involved, because MSM and the Tech Giants are rapidly silencing all opposition. Fox News especially should be totally boycotted for their lies and deceptions.  One thing we do know – prophecy says that the 4th beast of Daniel will rise up to control the world, and that 4th beast of Daniel is only fulfilled by the United Nations as we have pointed out before. As the last days approach, and Daniel’s 70th week comes into view, the UN would rise up. The UN is a communist operation from start to finish, proved by the UN CHARTER. CV-19 is a UN WHO/CHINA/CDC communist operation, another part of the USA communist insurgency.

On November 3rd, the very day that Noah was ordered into the Ark, the American people evidently voted in a RED TIDE FLOOD OF DARK EVIL, by voting in hard core communists Biden and Harris. A vast amount of money and propaganda went into this election with MSM TV including Fox News going into a full psyops operation to aid Biden and Harris and trash Trump and his supporters. To date MSM has declared Biden the winner, and if it holds, American’s voted for a full communist state as they will soon find out.

It is now evident that those that run the so-called “polling companies” were a psyops operation as well, as they lied through their teeth to influence the election. They should be arrested and put into prison for a long time, but that will never happen in lawless Babylon.

However, it really does NOT matter who wins, for the TWO HEADED SNAKE is STILL A SNAKE. And remember that Trump read the SNAKE POEM THREE TIMES TO AMERICA, and then in at least one rally, said “you took me in, you took me in”, as if to warn everyone what was really going on behind the scenes. Trump was the “Rules for Radicals” PIVOT MAN and it worked. Do not join the Trump Train, and DO NOT get involved in any revolution at this point. Now is the time for “duck and cover” as the Lord is now about to bring SWIFT JUDGMENT upon the American people for their Christ rejection.

Biden and his team are now at work to undo everything Trump did by a series of Executive Orders. If the Senate goes to the communist democrats, and there every indication it will, America, as we have known it, will become a fully communist nation and will very soon be submerged into the United Nations, the forth beast of Daniel. We have to understand the run-off elections for the Senate mean that the communists will wage a full-scale war to take the Senate, this sealing forever the fate of America.

Psalm Two says ALL the kings of the Earth and the rulers take counsel together AGAINST THE LORD and His Anointed. NO LEADER OR RULER IS EXEMPT. For example, it does not say that Donald Trump or Joe Biden are EXEMPT. Thus, the TWO HEADED SNAKE OF POLITICAL AFFILIATION MARCHES ON TOWARDS THE COMMUNIST NEW WORLD ORDER, and it does not matter who is elected because the New World Order marches on, and evidently the American people love to have it so.

The election of communist Biden and Harris will now move forward at lightning speed, and already Trump said that if it cannot be proven that he won, he will leave office as required under the law and hinted he would leave the country. Once again, the people will cheer that as well. THE AGENDA OF THE UNITED NATIONS IS NOW ALMOST COMPLETE. The rules of the game with communists? We win, you lose.

As stated, Biden is now making a flurry of Executive Orders to undo everything he can that Trump did. Bible prophecy said that God would heal America-Babylon but that she did not want to be healed, and the Lord brought forward four people who told America what had to be done to turn the nation around and heal it. Ron Paul, Dr. Carlson, Mike Huckabee, and Donald Trump.  All of these were totally rejected. America must now go under a tyranny like no other in the history of the world.  So, what does this mean?

When communists take power, they go into purge mode, and murder millions of people. Already lists are being made of who supported Trump, and Harris said they would be coming for them. CO-VID-19/20/21 will be the vehicle used to lockdown the nation and the roundups will begin. Freedom of expression, freedom of travel, freedom of speech will one by one vanish. The lockdowns will terminate the rest of the economy and plunge America into a depression unlike anything ever seen before. Social isolation and medical tyranny will abound. Communist governors, mayors and other assorted leaders will enforce these dictates, and there will be no regard for the Bill of Rights or Constitutional protections, as the first wave of CV-19 has already shown us.  Here is a brief note from Israel for this is going world-wide.


Monitoring system installed in Or Akiva can detect whether person is wearing a face cover and measure distance between individuals to determine whether they are observing social distancing…”

The American people are now, as the Bible says, a bunch of weak-kneed panties wearing snowflakes and have not, so far, lifted a finger in protest to the CV-19 scams and could apparently care less for their children as the state tortures them and are totally obedient to their communist masters. FEMA, it is sad, claims that 93-97% of Americans will go to their FEMA death camps without protest, and will not fight for their wives, children or other loved ones. While at one time they sent their sons and daughters, husbands and wives, parents and grandparents off to war to fight for the Bill of Rights and our Republic, they now kneel down and kiss the black boots of communism. BLM and Antifa are communist fronts, which is why Biden and Harris supported them. Picture after picture, and video after video showed us our military, our law enforcement, government leaders and our own citizens bowed the knee or even laid prostrate before communist Black Lives Matter folks. Why is that? So you send your loved ones to war, to be killed, maimed for life to defend you, and you betray them this way? No wonder God is going to utterly destroy America and all of its leaders and citizens no matter where they hide.

The CV teams that Biden is now setting up will demand ALL PEOPLE wear masks, will enforce social distancing, will ENFORCE TRACKING APPS, TESTING and vaccination and if you do not partake of it, or you protest it, you will be socially isolated at first and then terminated as an enemy of the PEOPLE and of THE STATE. We are headed for hell upon Earth, as the Bible says if you forget God then you will be turned into hell. Even the Christians refuse Jesus Christ and His commands to enter in, have redacted from their Bibles anything and everything. Christianity today is a joke, a satanic counterfeit that is taking millions of Christians into eternal ruin. Not my words, the Word of Christ.

The CV-19/21 vaccinations are a COVER for the MARK OF THE BEAST OF REVELATION. All you have to do is start your own research to find out that this “vaccination” has nothing to do with disease, but everything to do with the new monetary digital money system “wallets” now being rolled out which ties your body digitally into the economic new “reset” matrix  system. If you do not have the vaccine, which is a nanobot replicating system, you cannot buy or sell. It is coming fast. Remember that antichrist comes in like a FLOOD. Interesting that on November 3rd, the American people voted for the red flood of communism.

It is my belief that all of this is to bring about an armed revolution by the conservatives, who now realize that if they do not go “hot” they have lost everything. If one reads the communist manifesto and other communist/Illuminati writings like “Rules For Radicals” this is the game plan. Divide and conquer. Get them to kill off each other in a violent revolution. Then the people will scream for the government to do something to stop the chaos and mayhem. They will be glad to oblige and the United Nations, under their Charter, will come in to stop the chaos and America is then under the 4th Beast of Daniel until the Lord destroys it. Henry Kissinger, a longtime satanic globalist, said the American people would welcome the United Nations troops into their cities patrolling the streets of America for “peace and security”. Remember State Department Document 7277.  You will see it very soon.

I have been warning people now for30 years this was coming, and all I ever got was the finger and mockery. But it was not me at all that was warning America and the world – it was the Lord Himself, for they have rejected the Bible, Bible prophecy, true salvation doctrine, and love the lies being told them. So, it is what it is, and so it will be. The American people voted for total spiritual darkness, total tyranny, and total destruction of their nation, and only the Lord, in His mercy, can stop it. The modern Babylonians have committed suicide but are too stupid to realize it, but they soon will.

Remember that the Bible says a SNARE WAS LAID FOR BABYLON and it was NOT AWARE. Was this election the SNARE that catches the people of Babylon? Has America walked right into the SNARE OF THE 4TH BEAST OF DANIEL? Dark evil has a way of sneaking in on a nation that is not watchful. The American people, according prophecy, become mad upon their idols, want nothing to do with Bible prophecy or Jesus Christ.  Massive, and I mean MASSIVE civil disobedience could forestall this, but that most likely will never happen with so many obedient slaves.