Harvey made landfall with a pressure of 938 Mb, which is a 9-11, that is 9 – and then 3+8 = 11 or a coded 9-11. If you add the numbers across, that is 9+3+8 = 20, the number of Redemption. TV’s Fox said Harvey made first landfall at 9:47 or 9-11. Mainland fall at 10:00 CDT or 11:00 Eastern time. It made landfall on 8-25-2017 or 4 days after the eclipse, and 3 days after Trumps “Phoenix Rising” speech.

Four is the number of the WORLD. It appears then, that the message to the world is that ANTICHRIST is soon going to come in LIKE A FLOOD, and destroy the world just as Harvey destroyed ROCK PORT. Of course Jesus is the ROCK, and He is the PORT OF SAFETY for the CHRISTIANS.

The Great Red Dragon, called the DESTROYER, is now visible as it comes in to devour the MANCHILD soon to be born on 9-11-2017. It is symbolic of the NEW WORLD ORDER and it’s WAR with Christ, and the round-up and murder of the CHRISTIANS. The spirit of antichrist is rising rapidly.

Corpus Christi was likewise hit very hard, meaning of course that THE BODY OF CHRIST is likewise going to be hit hard, indicative of the Psalm Two wars and judgment of the Christians by Christ as the MANY vs. THE FEW at the time Jesus says “I NEVER CAME TO KNOW YOU EXPERIENTIALLY”. Remember that judgment comes FIRST upon HIS OWN PEOPLE, and as He warned, it was a mistake to PASS OVER “JUDGMENT” and “LOVE”.

You see, modern Salvation doctrine passes over JUDGMENT because judgment comes when one STANDS BEFORE THE SON OF MAN, only reached via the strait gate and narrow way. There is no other way, and when you STAND BEFORE the Lord in judgment He offers HIS LOVE TO COVER YOU. So that remark actually is another coded YOU ARE NOT BORN AGAIN, because you refused the only way in, and that means you PASSED OVER the elements of TRUE SALVATION, and climbed up “some other way”, which is CONVERSION vs. TRUE REGENERATION.

In the book Phoenix Rising, which is the story of the rise of the NEW WORLD ORDER and all of the deception that goes with it, we have entered the time of maximum danger from storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and breakdown of government, or we could that government implosion. Time will tell.

Trump, according to those recently departed from the White House, is now surrounded by DEEP STATE, and for now a SILENT COUP against Trump has been successful and Trump has been compromised. Bannon says the Trump presidency is OVER, meaning that the agenda of the DEEP STATE will now be carried out and Trump’s agenda is OVER.

As I understand it now, Harvey was the first major storm in 12 years to hit the mainline US and had 12 major storm surges. It was also 47 (11) years for a storm to hit Corpus Christi. As was stated on NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO, the numbers are very important to determine if Harvey is a MESSAGE or a WARNING from the Creator Himself. It appears that it was and is, as the aftermath will be far worse that the storm coming ashore. It is forecast to remain virtually unmoved for the next few days, dumping up to 60 inches of rain in some areas.

So, we wait, we watch, a pray we be worthy to stand before the Son of Man and ESCAPE most of this. The date of 9-11, and then 9-22-23 and dates to really watch for, plus any 7-day warning events prior to any of those events.

SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, whatever it is, is almost upon the world.



Best & Taylor Update – 8-25-2017 – The Harvey Spear


Comets, Blood Moons, Eclipses, Mothmen, Harvey, Trump, Phoenix and The End Of the Age




Millions are in the way of Hurricane Harvey, now slated, it is said, as a 1000 year storm, and may well alter the coastline of America. America is divided, and a house divided cannot stand.

There was a reason why Trump went to Phoenix, Arizona, and was THE LAST STATE (48th) of the mainland United States Union. The Phoenix Bird dies by FIRE, and rises again out of its own ashes, telling us the OLD WORLD ORDER is dying and the NEW WORLD ORDER is now coming into full view.

Phoenix, Arizona was established 120 years ago, and the Jewish Congress that began the foundations of modern Israel was also 120 years ago. Trump has three number associated with him, 333, 777, and 888 all pointing to the rise of ANTICHRIST, but that does not mean Trump IS the antichrist, it means we need to keep a sharp eye out during these next few weeks.

Harvey is striking the very heart of the oil and gas industry, and may well boost gas prices higher than we could imagine. While Trump brags about the economic recovery, the actual facts show total stagnation. Harvey may dump enough water to cause millions to lose their homes and most of them DO NOT HAVE FLOOD INSURANCE. It is now said that HARVEY WILL STRIKE CORPUS CHRISTI at the MIDNIGHT HOUR. Is that a clue for the Church?

The cosmic signs are warning humanity THEIR TIME IS UP, and the rise of ANTICHRIST and the eclipse of America is now at hand. Obama waits in the wings, and the COUP CONTINUES. More sightings of the paranormal type and more…







Trump, Phoenix, Opium and Harvey – Will Satan Come in As a Flood?

Most of you already know that Donald Trump is a high-level Mason and uses masonic hand signals all of the time. His floor on the Trump Tower is level 66. In his suite, there are a number of murals dedicated to Apollo, the DESTROYER. Outside of Trump Tower is an inverted pyramid made up of trees, and there are 6 trees of each side of this triangle, hence 666, with 6 obelisks ascending to the top of the building. Trump is referred to as the TIP OF THE SPEAR, and his building forms a spear with the TIP of the spear made up of the trees forming the triangle.


No one yet knows exactly who Trump is, but we do know he is playing by the numbers, for his speech given when Charlottesville was in riot mode was on 8-11-2017. He began his speech to the VA at 3:33 and ended it at 3:44 giving a message to those who were watching of both 9:11 and 9-23. Here is how it works:

3+3+3 = 9. 3+4+4 = 11, or a clearly sent message for 9-11, 2017. We also know that 9-11 was a huge attack upon New York City and the Twin Towers, something forecast in a number of movies, such as “Back to the Future” and the TV cartoons like “The Simpsons.” Both 9-23 and 9-11 repeatedly show up in increasing ways.

So, was Trump pointing to a 9-11 false flag event? Most likely, but we have to wait to get there. The odds are great that a major false flag event will occur on 9-11. We pray not.

Next comes the speech in PHOENIX. That took place 11 days later, on the 8-22-2017. That adds up to 22 or 11+11. So, we have an 11+11+11 or 33. None of this is by accident. Further, his Phoenix speech lasted for 72 minutes, it is said, or a 9. So, do we have a 9-22 warning as well? If the Rapture of the Bride is to happen on a Feast of Trumpets (9-21,22 or 23).

Remember the Phoenix Bird? The one that burns up and then rises again out of its ashes? One might suppose that that Trump or his handlers picked Phoenix to tell us something of the actual BEGINNING OF THE DEATH OF AMERICA – and the rise of the New World Order. The Phoenix Bird is the EAGLE on our Great Seal. The Masons of course know this!

Looks suspicious to me, anyhow…

Then, of course, we have the TROOP BUILDUP in Afghanistan announced on 8-21-2017 and that tells us, according to Bannon, that the END OF TRUMP had occurred, and the DEEP STATE was now in total control. The CIA coup was almost over and the CIA POPPY FIELDS would have to be guarded at all costs by our military troops for the CIA/DEEP STATE OPIUM TRADE.

Then we have HARVEY, which, they say, could be sort of a STORM OF THE CENTURY, so powerful, Fox News reported, it could actually alter our COASTLINES. Is Harvey the beginning of A FLOOD OF DEMONIC ACTIVITY ALL ACROSS AMERICA? Odd that it falls within the 40 days of Repentance from the Solar Eclipse and should, if reports are accurate, make landfall on the 25th or 3 days after Trump’s speech in Phoenix? And so it goes…


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Best & Taylor Global Update – Humanities End



The Mystery Of Trump and Humanities End


More and more incredible evidence is pouring in to TOTALLY CONFIRM that the 9-23 STAR SIGN apparently not only represents THE ARRIVAL and the strong delusions apex, it may well represent the MIDNIGHT CRY and SEVEN DAY warning that was given to Noah. Is it possible that many parts of STRONG’S have been coded by the Lord to give us a hidden message that confirms the SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS and the SIGNS ON EARTH. Do you know what the word TRUMP actually means? You will be amazed that its real meaning is exactly what Donald J. Trump is now doing!! Does the election Donald John Trump have a greater meaning for the Church? Is He the LAST TRUMP? Is all of this coded in a very strange way not only in the Bible but also Strong’s? How does all of this fit together with world events going on right now, and more





Best & Taylor Global Intel Update – 7-7-2017 (777)




9-23 Arrival, Trump, Putin, G-20, Obama, Soros, Sedition, Treason,  Kim, NK, Bluebeam, Psalm 2


The world is now witnessing the conclusion of Psalm Two and the STRONG DELUSION of the Lord’s is working its final work upon a spiritually dead humanity. Sign after sign of warnings that the end is close have come and gone but few are paying any attention in our material world oblivious to their spiritual nature, thus ripe for delusions. Obama goes everywhere Trump goes to UNDO what Trump is attempting to do – and nothing is done about it. Meanwhile Yellowstone appears to be waking up just in time for the solar eclipse on 8-21-2017, CROSSING in the middle or “in the midst” of America, and much more…