One Day To What? Or Not?

Well here we are the very day all of the movies, TV and Cartoons said is D-Day for the Hoover Dam. Will it blow or did the Lord tweak their plans a little with that sandstorm they had over there in Israel? TWO DAY DELAY. Or will they go ahead and implode it and blame it on an earthquake they manufactured? Or maybe nothing whatsoever happens and we sail right on through this entire September without a whimper, but then…



It seems rather implausible that the elite would spend so much time and effort in their predictive programming to let such an event just slip by when you consider such programming has been going on for many a year now, especially in the movies, with Hollywood being what it is and all. And then we have the IX XI clue that has been around for centuries.



It seems that nasty weather, floods, heat waves and anything else you want to think about is going on all over the Earth, it is just that we don’t realize how things are changing unless it happens near us or to us.



CONVERGENCE is the word for “all these things”. The point is that an earthquake hits with no warning, so once again we have life as usual vs. sudden destruction. The people swept away in the floods had LIFE AS USUAL and then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.

A friend of mine, some time ago was driving home from a softball game and was hit head on by another car which killed his wife instantly. He said we were talking, laughing and joking, and then it was all over in an instant. Life as usual and then Sudden Destruction. Do you see? We are lucky that we really have a GOD OF CREATION who cares enough to send warnings and if you have eyes to see and ears to hear and a brain that works even half-way you CAN KNOW that SUDDEN DESTRUCTION IS DRAWING VERY CLOSE.


My grandfather established and built the A.M. BEST COMPANY, one of the largest insurance rating companies in the world. The insurance companies, and those that re-insure them apparently have little clue as to what is actually about to come upon them because they do not understand or even want to know about the Lord’s predictive programming. It is called prophecy, and it is 100% accurate 100% of the time with nary an error. The reason is simple, prophecy is not predictive, nor speculation, nor guess work, but rather the actual future, just as events happened, written down and given to us. If people would grasp that essential fact, their attitudes towards it might change a wee bit. I will give a bit of predictive programming here to the insurance industry, you will all be broke within the next 7 years.


Now Noah experienced FIRST HAND the Lord’s predictive programming up close and personal. He saw SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. It should be pointed out that Noah listened to the Lord and prepared himself for what was to come. Even though he knew all about it, when it finally got there, when the first roar of the rainfall began, it must have been rather scary, don’t you think?


Perhaps the Lord has His own idea as to what SUDDEN DESTRUCTION REALLY IS, and does not agree with the Illuminati in their attempts to bring about their own concepts of sudden destruction upon their enemies. It seems to me that the Lord caused that sandstorm in Israel to delay the sighting of the new moon to perhaps remind everyone as to who is actually in control of things, or perhaps the Illuminati ran into a snag and needed two more days to prepare for their big event, whatsoever it may be. Just sayin…


Just because the powers that run and control the Universe are not visible to us does not mean they are not there. We all need to be reminded that time, space, matter, energy, life and spirit are creations of the Creator. When I met the Lord face to face, it was very clear as to the POWER behind that soft and gentle voice, like almost a whisper, but clear. The power, the absolute power, the absolute authority behind it was too immense for words. There are none. We need to be reminded that GOD IS LOVE, and he is pleading with humanity to turn from their evil ways and return to Him. We need to be constantly aware that He is in total control, not the Illuminati.


But there comes a time when that is OVER, and the appointed time arrives, and what is, is. There is no remedy once that time arrives. SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. OUT OF THE BLUE, NOT EXPECTED. BUSINESS AS USUAL AND SUDDENLY, IN AN INSTANT OF TIME, EVERYTHING CHANGES. Is 9-23 that date?

2015-08-15_16-51-40 That time is up 9-25-2015, not 9-23-2015. So is the TWO DAY DELAY a new date?


It is sometimes hard to find out who is and who isn’t in these events, because there are those who rise up against the Lord and who have the technology to destroy the Earth. So we conclude that by saying either the Lord did it or He allowed it for reasons not yet clear.


No, it seems that this dates of September 23rd – 25th are dates to watch. They are entrenched everywhere and so unless the occult forces are utterly wrong, THEY have indeed targeted these dates to begin their plans for their global take-over and the elimination of billions of people.


As to the Hoover Dam water breaking this day by symbolic implosion of the Hoover Dam as portrayed by Madonna, we wait until 12 noon Hoover Dam time and that afternoon tells us – or does it? Perhaps the TWO DAY DELAY means a delay until September 25th at high noon or something. But if they blow it, there will not be a Gary Cooper to set things right as he did in the saga “High Noon”.

The TWO DAY DELAY could also mean a TWO YEAR DELAY OF EVERYTHING, that is September 2017/2018 forwards to 2022 to wrap everything up, sort of like the Joseph 2 year, five year LEAN COW YEARS, you know, two years of some harvest, 5 years of no harvest – a delay because many are not at all ready, but then again, a SNARE IS A SNARE and very few are even truly born again, or on their way to it, let alone READY for such a global event as the great snatching away with a violent force. If you do not believe that Christians are in serious trouble with the Lord, re-read Matthew Seven as millions are sent away into eternal ruin.


This is from a new Gecko add, where we find 9-23 and the use of a microwave to nuke” his food, and we see the number 10 or Tishrei 10, which we also see here as well:



So maybe everyone is just playing copycat and it means nothing, but then again it may mean everything, and the odds are that it really does mean something because “predictive programming” costs a lot of money just to be fooling around.


The Lord must have good sense of humor as first a rainbow (think Gay Pride & Masonry and their Bridge To Light) appeared on the one world trade center, and then a lightning strike, so perhaps the Lord is showing His displeasure with Obama’s “we remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger” remark that he wrote on an 11,000 lb. white beam that went up to the top of the Tower.




It is rather arrogant of man when you consider that mankind, with all of their collective wisdom, have not figured out how to create one single hydrogen atom OUT OF NOTHING. Reminds me of the scientist that went before the Lord and bragged how he could make a man all by himself. So he asked the Lord for some dirt and he would demonstrate his wisdom to the Lord. So the Lord told the man to go make his own dirt, and then come back to show him.


Sort of like the story of Hillary Clinton who dies and goes up to meet St. Peter who is the gate keeper. He escorts her to a waiting room and she sits down to wait and notices a whole group of clocks on the wall, all moving at different speeds. Under each clock is a name of a world leader she knows and recognizes. She cannot contain herself or her curiosity and so goes out and asks St. Peter about the clocks.
He explains that these clocks are “sin clocks” and registers movement as each world leader sins. That is why some move faster than others. Some were moving quite rapidly, others slower.
She went back to the waiting room and looked closely at the wall and noticed that Bill Clinton’s clock was not there. Unable to contain herself again, she presents herself to St. Peter and inquires as to why her husband’s clock it not on the wall.


“Oh, says St. Peter, “The Lord has it in His office, for it is spinning so fast He uses it as a ceiling fan…”


Do you suppose there is a message in that story? Maybe? Perhaps?


End of story, end of arrogance; end of haughtiness. Mankind is going to be brought down. This is his last stand, his last rise to become as God, to ascend to the sides of the North, to be like the Most High, but the chances are that time is already slipping through his hands, like sands through an hourglass. He has only a few short years to make it happen and their chances are slim to none, but you have to give credit for their attempt.


THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME, WE ARE OUT OF TIME. Frantic construction, “we must hurry, for the Lord’s appointed time comes at us rapidly. TIME TRAVEL, crank up CERN to the highest of levels, punch a hole into eternity, let us go back and kill Mary, that will solve all our problems, but if that does not work, the FALLEN ANGELS have technology with which to defeat Messiah when He returns to claim Earth.” Maybe they have figured out the Lord’s APPOINTED TIME. They are a lot smarter than the Children of the Day, of the Light.



You see, Noah knew when the Lord’s clock was UP. He knew when the alarm was going to go off. As it was, so shall it be. OUT OF TIME. All aboard!!


So the turf war is now on, and the Illuminati want to build their Empire, and the spiritual war has been on for thousands of years, and to date it appears that Satan has been the big all time winner here if you just look at the numbers.


But then again maybe numbers are not all that important in the end. Maybe just plain old simple obedience to the commands of Jesus is the real winner. Obedience? Lordship salvation?? A “worker?” “A legalist?” I bet they called Noah that as he went about building his all-time big winner Super Boat.


His neighbors must have had a real blast as their theologians sang a chant to Noah, “Noah is a worker, Noah is a legalist. Noah is a crazy man, for we are saved by faith and simple belief…Noah, hey Noah, are you nuts?” Rain, who ever heard of rain? What a fruitcake!!”


They had cookouts and drank beer and ate their brauts, burgers and hot dogs. It was a party for them to taunt this crazy lunatic. They watch their sport shows on their Hi Def TV’s but kept an eye on Noah for he persisted and could not be persuaded otherwise. It made them uneasy, but they covered all that up by stuffing their faces and watched their sport games.


So Noah paid them no attention and busied himself building his Super Ark and when the time came, the Lord shut him in and it began to rain, I mean it rained BUCKETS AND BUCKETS AND BUCKETS. Wow, you talk about a cloud burst, this was really a big one. So all the theologians drowned and did not sing or chant to Noah anymore. Their Hi-Def TV’s all shorted out and their barbecue pits sank. Party Over.



Now it just so happened that Noah took what the Lord had to say seriously and actually did what the Lord told him to do. Noah did not sit around in some easy chair with a name it and claim it attitude, not a chance, he did as he was commanded. Maybe modern day Christians ought to pay attention to that. Just sayin…


Well, today we have our mockers, and we were all told to get into our ARK, which is Jesus Christ, and the ramp into that ark is called the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY, but the theologians and other types chanted against it, and said “You are a worker, you are a legalist, you are into Lordship salvation, you are crazy for all we need to do is have belief and faith, and we are born again and we are saved.” So they chanted that and laughed at all those who were obedient to the commands to enter ye in via the ramp that Jesus provided.


Now notice that if you are walking up the ramp, anywhere along it, you will be ushered in. Jesus in Luke spoke of striving to enter in at at the STRAIT GATE, or the entrance to the ramp that leads to the ark. He did not mention the walk up the ramp. Do you see? Get on that ramp, drop the things of this world, GET ON THE RAMP. Time is short, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION IS COMING.


So the day came and the waters rose and the sun was hot and the judgments were set and many were told to get away from the Lord and went into ruin. Their arks evidently had a lot of theological holes in them and they sank rather rapidly and those that did not sink burned up in the flames. Their modern day cookout stuff all shorted out, and so did their Hi-Def TV sets. So much for attempting to build your ark without following the instructions of the Lord.


How’s that workin’ for ya? asked Sara Palin.


So here we are, ONE DAY TO WHAT and COUNTING DOWN TO ZERO, or are we?


Time always tells the true story, it always has, and it always will, but indeed, it appears as though a SNARE HAS BEEN LAID and the WORLD IS WALKING RIGHT INTO IT. So we watch, we pray always that we be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man and ESCAPE all these things about to fall upon the EARTH DWELLERS.


Party Over.



PS – see you on the other side!