We have a NEW NIGHT SHADOWS PROGRAM – YOU REALLY NEED TO HEAR IT, THE REAL REASON WHY THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN KENNEDY WAS CARRIED OUT. New documents confirm that a hit was put on Kennedy by insiders of our own government.

While the above headline may seem a bit odd, it may also be the real truth behind the odd comments made by two world leaders. New evidence has surfaced concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy and its connection to Kennedy nosing around trying to find out the real truth behind the UFO/Alien and backward engineering projects.

At that time there was a group known as Majestic 12, started by Harry Truman to investigate the UFO Alien question and investigate several UFO crashes or possibly “shoot downs” and the resultant retrieval of alien technology. Inasmuch as Majestic 12 was an above top secret operation, also known as BLACK OPERATIONS, it was felt by that group that Kennedy’s nosing around was not only not welcomed, but posed a threat to the UFO/Alien/Extraterrestrial/Backward engineering projects going on at that time. They decided something had to be done about it, and so plotted Kennedy’s assassination which took place in November, 1963.

What is very interesting here is that the documents unearthed used code to plot Kennedy’s demise, and the code used concerns WEATHER. One has to remember that many times letters are dictated to secretaries, transmitted and read by recipients and then later destroyed, but only the recipient knows the code language.

In order to do this code words are used, and in the case of the Kennedy assassination, the code was about the weather. But it also included ECONOMICS as well as you will see. The elite always hide behind symbology and code. They must announce to the world their intentions, because they believe they are gentlemen with manners, however only those really watching get the message.
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