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Kim, Peace, Trap, Trump, Trade Wars, Iran, Syria, Putin and more…


The peace overtures from Kim will give him more time to finish his nuclear weapons research, but it is possible that the world see suddenly see a move for all the world that appears to say “peace, peace, when there is no peace”. We know from prophecy that a “false peace” is coming, but it short lived and then global war breaks out. There is no question that the pivot point leading the world into the “final hours” is close at hand. Earth changes abound, the nations are getting into trade wars, and the end is not yet, but near. In America, the communist goal of divide and then destroy is well underway, and the destabilization of our country is nearing its end. At the same time, Israel is rising for it’s time of Jacob’s Trouble and more…




Watch The Skies, Something Is Coming – You Will Most Likely Be Dead In Less Than 7 Years (Or Wish You Were),

You  can run, but you cannot hide…



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7 Candlesticks, A State of Confusion, September 23rd and Night Shadows Radio


One of the meanings of the word Babylon is of course confusion. It seems that the American people are greatly confused and have lost their way, having no compass, no direction home. They not only do want any truth told to them, they squander their money on deceptions and lies. The rest is on potato chips, popcorn, movies, broth, hotdogs, burgers and beer. Priorities are all reversed.  So it is for the last days, when everyone steals from their neighbor. I should they maybe the LAST of the LAST DAYS.


Abortion, selling baby parts to the highest bidder, Queen Hillary defending it, but not really a nation totally outraged by it all – good becomes evil and evil becomes good. Murder in the millions AND the INNOCENT  blood flows. But the people, they seem to approve of it all with some of course being dismayed by it, but percentage wise, only a very small few. A friend of mine often said he was in favor of abortion, but only if it could be made retroactive. Maybe he had a point.


Hypocrites of the first magnitude but totally unaware of it. No conscience really. They want everything NOW and they want it for FREE. Would they go their place of employment and tell their boss they would work for a full year for no wages, no benefits, no perks? Yet that is what they want from others. They do not care that a person can spend an entire year publishing important information. They do not care that he/she has to pay their bills either. GIMME, GIMME, GIMME AND GIMME. Give me this, give me that, I am so important I want my slaves to produce for me. How absurd and perverted this concept is, yet it is now the norm. Maybe the Internet did it. However, the gravy train is going to be soon over. Now comes payback. And you all know what payback can be. America is now getting her payback. Here a little, there a little, a nibble here, a nibble there until one day, BOOM and it’s over. Like sand running through your fingers. The end cometh.


We fight endless wars that are not wars. We kill and maim millions and nary a whimper of real protest. Babies born in Iraq all deformed because of depleted uranium shells. Stuff like that. The HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH is going to now be hammered. HARD. You are watching the final death wail of America as she brings forth her military might and struts around the whole earth like a Bantam Rooster.


An old farmer I knew had a rooster that would block his wagon full of hay from getting into the barn. This rooster would stand in the driveway into the barn and would not move, so this farmer would get off the wagon move the rooster and the team of horses would then pull the wagon into the barn to be off loaded. This happened all summer long. Finally the farmer got real sick of this and decided he had enough and did not stop. The rooster refused to budge and was run over. The farmer said that dinner that night was real good and consisted of roasted rooster.  America appears to be that rooster now and I believe that Putin and his allies are the farmer. It will soon all be over, suddenly, with little if any warning. A few things have to happen before then, however.


Then of course,  servants of the most high are mocked and laughed at, and totally unsupported except for a very small group of dedicated supporters. Soon they too will be gone and the people of America will be destitute, and  in total shock because the truth will have been hidden away for all time. Running to and fro, coast to coast, border to border, asking seeking and looking for the truth and it will escape them. I warned of this, as I did about the non-support. The Good Book is very clear – the priorities of the American people are IDOLS and they will spend millions of them, but not a dime for the real truth. I wrote a blog about all of that to no avail. Lots of words only. That is America now – it’s all words, and nothing else. The Lord does not care about any of our words. We have two ears and one mouth, a major clue I guess.


Then of course we have a lawless Congress, lawless Supreme Court, and a lawless president. So with all of this, why would the American people think the Lord will not bring a horrific judgment upon this people? Well of course He has already begun it, and in fact it started long ago. One morning way back  in 1988 or 1989, I received a phone call around 6-6:30 in the morning. It was a lady on the other end of the line. She said that she had been in prayer that morning and the Lord had told her to call me and evidently gave her the number to call as I did not know who she was.


She said that an event was going to take place that the entire nation would see and that event (unnamed) was the beginning of the Lord’s judgment upon America, and that He was done with her and was now going to utterly destroy her over the next years, number not known.  We had a talk about protected areas, and that the Lord would protect those telling the truth to the apostates all over America. She told about judgments and how they would fall, several at a time, then long periods of time in between with nothing happening, like things were normal, then another series of events, but a shorter period of time in between. The judgments, she said, would increase in power and strength.


Most of these judgments would not be seen by the people as judgments, because they were blind, and warning after warning would go by unnoticed except by His TRUE people.


So that afternoon, after that call, a major earthquake struck California at the world-series games going on in Candlestick Park. It reminded me of the Lord and the seven candlesticks, and how He was IN THE MIDST of those candlesticks. I knew immediately that THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF TROUBLE, and so it has been to this very day. So now we face an extreme series of events that are about to fall upon this comatose people and no one will believe the severity of it all.


When does this new series of events begin? September 23, 2015? No one knows. Tu-B’Av, the great love feast went by July 31 with the blue moon. No rapture, no great escape. However, if one looks at the numbers, they all seem to add up as never before, but does it mean anything? But as I have said before, we could easily slide into Daniel’s 70th week with nothing happening at all. There is a lot of talk about some impact event, a meteor or comet hit, something like that, perhaps a meteor shower. ALL VERY POSSIBLE, but not likely on the 23, 24th or thereabouts. Why? Because the Pope will be in New York and Washington. Any major impact event near Puerto Rico would bring a huge tsunami surge all up and down the Eastern coastal regions.. Not Likely then. Why? Because surely the powers that be would know if an impact event was coming in or around that date and the elite would all be moved to higher ground, JUST IN CASE.

But what then? Economic RESET OR IMPLOSION? Global Ponzi scheme over? We don’t know. Maybe Ed Dames, you know,  Doctor Doom’s KILL SHOT?  Maybe a close flyby that produces an extreme shockwave effect. Maybe nothing at all. So we watch, we pray, we wait upon the Lord.


Why have the governments of the world dug these huge underground tunnels and cities? Why did the Chinese build all of these huge empty cities all on high ground and a long way from any coastal regions. Why is that?  Why has our own government secured A NEW GOVERNMENTAL CENTER in Denver, far inland and on high ground? Why have they relocated various government agencies to Denver? In anticipation of what? Why did the Vatican begin its relocation of it library to secret high ground locations? You may remember the movie 2012? Remember how major art collections and valuables were being located to safe places?  Remember the world seed vault located in Norway? The University of Norway ran an article saying they believed AFTER THE POLE SHIFT that they would be much closer to the equator. Odd is it not? And yet for all of this strange and anomalous behavior, most people continue along as though everything is very normal. What if it really is not?


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LightGate Blogger


The Good Book makes a preposterous claim that mankind is a fallen creature, that who could believe it, anyhow? “Not me”, says the world, ” I don’t care”. Well, maybe they should, but then…
It’s one of things you know? Old wives tales and mythology of the worst sort, so why should I bother myself with reading such trivia? After all, if it was true, the human race would have blown itself away eons ago, and we are still here. Besides, all of this is just doomsday stuff, and we have been hearing about that FOREVER and EVER, and see, nothing ever happens. “I don’t care”. Maybe they should, but then again…
“Besides, where is the promise of His coming?” the world says, “Things continue on as they have since the days of Old, and nothing is going to change.”But then again, it is possible that things COULD CHANGE in a big, big hurry, but “I don;t care!”
“But what if?” You might respond to the skeptic. “I don’t care, EVEN IF…”
And so it goes, they roll their eyes and then go back to whatever they were doing and ask you to leave them alone.
Now it does not matter what facts you might show them, what news you bring, they all say, “I don’t care”. This “I don’t care” syndrome is a fallen human type of thing, that cares only when all of this touches them in a personal way, usually in the pocketbook, or job promotion or loss, bad health, etc. Then suddenly they care a whole bunch. “Should of, could of, would of…”
So then you talk about salvation and they all say, “WHAT? Are you some form of idiot? That sort of talk will land you in a FEMA Camp, you know, one of Hilliary’s Joy Camps, where you will be re-educated in the REAL TRUTH, and not this far-fetched concept of a fall, redemption and salvation from the fires to come…”
“I love lies, they make me feel good, and besides THAT, I don’t care!! If I don’t care, why do you? Are you sick or something? Are you running a fever or are you just having a hot flash? LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU ARE OFFENDING ME…”
Down through the years of all of this, “I don’t care”, it seems they actually do care, sort of, because if they did not, then why do people take such offense to the name Jesus Christ? Or the Cross? If people really don’t seem to care much about anything , suddenly do care they are being offended, what’s with that? Just wondering…
Maybe this, “I don’t care” attitude is just a defense because deep within they know something is wrong, but cannot put their finger on it, but don’t want to ever admit it. They are like the hidden drinker, who stashes their booze away so no one finds it, but drink when alone, so no one sees them. But they know, they must know, that SOMEONE SEES THEM. Well, does it matter in the long run? I mean Planet Earth will someday be an ice ball planet, and will any of this make a difference then? Just curious about that, that’s all. Just wondering, sort of…
Well, with all of that in mind, with Jade Helm, clogs in their logo, oh, I forgot, prisoners under Hitler’s death camps wore wooden or leather clogs, maybe that’s why there is a hidden clog in their logo, you know, sort of a CLUE or something, but who cares, anyhow? Anyone?

For those who are really serious and DO CARE, here’s the latest link to the “Best’s Intelligence Digest” – sort of scary news concerning Jade Helm

4-24-2015 2-29-12 PM

With all of this, “I don’t care” going around like a virus of some sort, I thought maybe we needed to launch a sort of satire “I Don’t Care” news service. So here is my first BAD MAGAZINE’s “I DON’T CARE” FOR ALL OF YOU FOLKS OUT THERE THAT DON’T CARE, well maybe do, come to think of it…


“But you should!!”, you protest, “like here is the latest Best’s Intelligence Digest – full of things you need to know!!” The link is right here:

IN FACT YOU REALLY OUGHT TO GO OVER TO and take a look – more information you really need to know!! Visit the all new video news portal – some interesting stuff there, and for the ladies, we have a new woman’s corner portal. Just scroll down till  you find the portal table!!

Well, you can try, but the world does not seem to care very much. Go figure!!!!
Comments always welcome.

P.S. All Best Global Report and Borderlands AUDIO REPORTS are now on – you must call Cindy for the new temporary link until we get everything up and running. is static, we are totally unable to update due to a ransom malware attack that destroyed a lot of files and destroyed our web software for that site.



Jade Helm operations by the US Military have stirred up quite a bit of controversy that has spilled over to mainstream media, with Fox News speaking of how “right wing” conspiracy people are giving out warning of an impending martial law takeover of the United States, essentially mocking them and more or less saying these people are conspiracy fruitcakes, and this operation is normal for the military.

The problem with all of this is that even those conservatives are warning about Jade Helm never mention the Bible, Bible prophecy or who America really is as a latter-day player of the end times. It is obvious that our Federal Government agencies have an intense hatred for Bible prophecy, witnessed by the release of the FBI’s “Project Megiddo” released on October 20th, 1999, and it was a report of DOMESTIC TERRORISM in the United States, and then that was followed up by numerous other reports targeting the “right-wing”.

That report basically concluded that Christians who believed in the Bible, or Bible prophecy were to be considered to be possible “enemies of the state”. Then along came the false flag 9-11 attack and the rise of Homeland Security, multiple laws passed by Congress, notably the infamous “Patriot Act”, followed by Fusion Centers and numerous other  “reports” that were issued, all directed towards the conservative right. Then of course we have our NDAA’s, America is a “war zone” and many “executive orders” that all point in one direction. If one follows all of these unconstitutional laws, which actually have no legal authority whatsoever because they so flagrantly violate the Constitution, one can only conclude that a communist, Marxist, Fabian Socialistic takeover was in the works, laid out long ago and prophesied in the Book of Revelation, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel in the Old Testament.

Because the American people, and especially most modern Christians are so biblically illiterate and apostate, there is no recognition at all of what is actually taking place, even though the prophecies are being fulfilled with 100% accuracy right under their noses.

Not only do they not know who America is in prophecy, their leaders have the audacity to tell their flocks that America IS NOT IN BIBLE PROPHECY AT ALL. How could such a thing be? Logic should tell everyone that America must be in Bible prophecy SOMEWHERE, for how is it that the greatest nation the world has ever seen does not even get a mention?

The nation that protected and helped ISRAEL through her many wars? The Nation that gave Israel FIRST recognition of her being a NATION REFORMED? A nation with the largest military in the entire world, a nation that won two world wars? A nation that has ventured into outer space and has a large space program? A nation that has the largest aviation industry in the world? A nation that trades with all other nations by air and by sea and has the largest number of warm water seaports in the entire world? A nation that is one of the largest producers of cars and trucks? A nation with a huge agricultural operation that ships its food to the four corners of the Earth? A nation that houses the United Nations, and the world’s leaders flow unto her for their edicts and laws and discussions of world affairs?

It is so utterly preposterous to claim America is NOT in prophecy that it borders on blasphemy against the Lord whom they must think is blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other!! So why is this such a mystery to the Christians who REFUSE to accept such simple and direct parameters the Lord has given to us? A second grader can figure out who America is if you give them the Lord’s description!! The answer lies in how the Lord operates and how disobedience creates a total blindness and delusional thinking.

The Lord hides the description of America in PLAIN SIGHT. Anyone can see it that wants to, and has a desire to find truth. All others need not apply and go down to perdition. I have noticed that those who deny the CROSS, the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY, also are more likely to deny who America is in prophecy. They seem to go hand in hand. When David Wilkerson told his flock that America was Babylon, he was abandoned in droves. Those who understand and accept what the Lord has to say concerning the fall and the need for redemption via the STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY seem to have no problem in accepting who America really is. Thus I say with confidence that DISOBEDIENCE and a REFUSAL to pick up one’s cross lead to the Lord giving them other “delusions”. “I will pick their delusions”, the Lord says in the Old Testament.

The modern Christian and their salvation theology of Jesus Christ did it all for us and all we need to do is believe on that “finished work” are under a STRONG DELUSION. The FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST was the Lord’s method of PAVING A WAY FOR US to “ENTER IN”. It is the “way” of the Lord. The early Church was known as the PEOPLE OF THE “WAY”. Jesus came here under GRACE. The human race does not deserve any GRACE whatsoever. It came because Jesus first LOVED US, so that later we could LOVE HIM, and worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

Jesus brought to us a WAY so that we could RECONCILE OURSELVES ONE BY ONE back to Him. Modern Christian theology claims that when Christ went to the Cross on our behalf that God reconciled Himself to the world and thus we are reconciled back to Him as well. FALSE. Totally false. Reconciliation is a TWO WAY PROCESS. God is in fact reconciled to US. Jesus did that for us. Now we MUST reconcile OURSELVES BACK TO HIM. He gave us a way to do it. It is called the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY. Refuse it and you remain UN RECONCILED LOST and remain in your fallen condition.

The modern Christian cannot worship the Lord in SPIRIT and IN TRUTH because they KNOW HIM NOT nor are they born again, and thus have a fallen spirit, which is exactly why Jesus says to them in Matthew Seven, “GET AWAY FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU”. This word knowing is all important to understand. The Lord says Himself that He was LIFE. He also said that LIFE was at the END, not the beginning of the NARROW WAY. In other words, Jesus is waiting for anyone who will travel this mysterious “way” of reconciliation and repentance and at the end of the journey they meet Jesus face to face, and after the final act of repentance, Jesus says to them “Friend, come up higher…”

All of this is lost upon the delusional Christians of today. As Jesus said, “they know not where they goeth…” meaning of course, they are going to eternal ruin and loss because they refused His simple and direct commands. “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and NOT DO what I say?”

Indeed, why cannot people understand that simple question? What part of that comment from the Lord do people not grasp? What did Jesus tell us to do? PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW HIM. Not HIS CROSS, YOUR CROSS. Not HIS DEATH, YOUR DEATH. NOT HIS BAPTISM IN FIRE, YOUR BAPTISM IN FIRE.

WHAT FIRE? THE NARROW WAY FIRE!! This all totally refused by the faith only, believer only crowd, who totally refuse any verse of Scripture that totally refutes their theology. “I WILL PICK THEIR DELUSIONS”, saith the Lord of Hosts. So we circle back to who America is – and modern Christian denominations in America are under a STRONG DELUSION, that being that they are saved, positive of it, totally convinced of it when in fact there is so much evidence they are not that it defies all logic! If you look up the word “delusion”, you have the answer – for no matter how much evidence is presented it will be refused. Thus America is not, and could not be BABYLON THE GREAT, nor could NEW YORK CITY be the GREAT CITY BABYLON. To them, NOT, NEVER, and anyone who says America IS in prophecy is a liar, a lunatic, a deceiver or worse.

So what does all of that have to do with Jade Helm? Everything, actually, for Jade Helm is part of prophecy and appears to be exactly what the “conservatives” are warning about – a martial law takeover to depopulate the land, kill off millions of “unwanteds” and rebuild a New World Order from the ashes of the OLD AMERICA, a tired old and violent HORSE that needs to be vanquished to make way for the utopia of the rich men of the Earth, hence the name “Jade”. Look it up for yourself.

Some time ago I produced and released a video called “Iron Mountain, Blueprint For Tyranny” in 1993. It was picked up went worldwide, most of it by theft. However, it is apparent now that the Lord wanted that to happen, for it gave the whole world notice that something very evil was afloat, and Iron Mountain, like Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and the Protocols of the Elders of Sion WAS REAL and was being implemented quietly and with great stealth upon the America people and the world at large.

“Iron Mountain is just as current as if it was released yesterday. What was presented back then via documentation is now coming to pass with the introduction of Jade Helm operations by the U.S. Military.

Iron Mountain can be seen in its entirety on my website, and is on the front page. Just scroll down and you will find it.

Jade Helm is both an anagram and a direct, open meaning that when decoded brings the United States Government to its final and ultimate act of treason against the people of America, now branded as essentially, “enemies of the state” (Psalm 2 wars).

Under NDAA 2014-2015 any American, for whatever reason Government dreams up, can be rounded up and terminated at any time upon order of President Obama, a fulfillment of the long awaited “depopulation” of America that Jeremiah the Biblical prophet saw 2500 years ago.


We hope that many, many Americans will wake up to the fact that they are being slowly encircled (NOW ALMOST COMPLETE), and then will be attacked and multitudes sent to FEMA torture and death camps, that Hillary Clinton spoke of a few weeks ago with her CAMP JOY remarks, a clear reference to George Orwell’s 1984 detention and death camps for all dissenters.  

Those that are involved in these operations await a death and eternal existence to horrific to contemplate, however they could have and should have known their acts were not only totally unconstitutional, immoral, unethical, treasonous and fully evil, but did them anyway!

Jesus Christ told us never to swear by oath. All military and all government people usually swear to uphold the United States Constitution. The Constitution is actually the GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA. The people under that document, like our Supreme Court, Executive and legislative branches, military, etc., are MERE AGENTS OF THE CONSTITUTION. They are all supposed to be OBSERVANT OF THAT DOCUMENT AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

Laws that are blatantly unconstitutional are not laws at all, and have no “legal power” according to the Supreme Court opinions. They have power only because the people acquiesce to them – hence what is happening today in America is total LAWLESSNESS, because almost all of the laws passed in the last few years are so blatantly unconstitutional and it is amazing any of it is accepted. The so-called Patriot Act, NDAA, and all the rest have shredded the Bill of Rights, and it is being done willfully by traitors, all of which swore and oath to uphold the Constitution!!

This is important because Babylon is nation that once was lawful and enjoyed the blessing, but is now almost totally lawless AND HAS ALL THE CURSES.

A number of true Christians have been shown that Obama is the LAWLESS ONE, but of course he has much help. Our leaders and rulers, chose to ignore all of that, and as the Bible says in Proverbs, they chose to do evil in the sight of the Lord and would have none of HIS counsel. Not a wise thing to do!!

My heart goes out to everyone in America, including our leaders because I know what fate awaits them, having crossed over to the other side and found the real truth behind our existence. The God particle that science is hoping to find is actually a type of spiritual and unknown energy form and it is called DIVINE AGAPE LOVE.

I believe that what scientists are calling “dark energy” is in fact DIVINE LOVE. The Lord showed me HIS DIVINE LOVE BY DIRECT REVELATION, and asked me this question, “Stewart, do you agree that LOVE RUNS THIS UNIVERSE?” Well after I had just been shown it, I answered in the affirmative. LOVE RUNS, and UPHOLDS everything there is. Every heartbeat, every breath you take, every material object, all energy, all life, everything is run and upheld by the DIVINE AGAPE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST.

It is apostasy away from simple truths that has brought America to her demise. The rulers and leaders actually all think that when this is over, they can rebuild America into a garden of Eden utopia, with them on the top and the survivors their slaves.

Hence underground cities and tunnels, spread all over America, and all built at taxpayer expense, but designed only for the “elite” of the world to crawl into when the droppings hit the fan. They should have read the prophecies, for the Lord knew all about their underground retreats and says no matter where they go, into the dens of the mountains, under the sea, on the moon or Mars, where-ever they go, the Lord says He will visit them and slay them. No one escapes, not even one. Judgment is just around the corner, the agenda of the Lord for THIS AGE is about to close.

Thus it is that the US Military, the police and sheriff departments, all visiting military units, mercenaries, all political leaders and rulers no matter how big or small that partake of this round-up and slaughter will never see heaven unless they repent, but will see hell itself, and will realize how real it really is. I was personally shown only a very small part of hell and heard the screams of the damned. There is nothing like it, there is nothing more frightening than those screams. If the world heard and saw what I saw, and that even just a tiny, tiny glimpse, the world would repent RIGHT NOW. No one wants to go there, but they do go there by choice, refusing the CROSS. Back to Jade Helm.

Jade Helm, as I said, is an anagram of sorts, that is a code, and means the following it is said:

JADE – Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution


“Homeland Eradication of Local Militants”


Now there are a lot of folks out there than are not able to wrap their minds around the fact that our government has openly declared war upon its own people. The Protocols are the main foundation. Iron Mountain is not far behind. Silent Weapons is the economic front of that war. The campaign for forced vaccinations is another part of that war. Total surveillance of everything you do and say is just another facet of this war. Jade Helm is one military aspect of this war, the active rounding up, detention, torture and killing of dissidents. Torture was made legal for a reason. It was to lay the groundwork for the systematic torture of Christians. It’s in the Bible if you do not believe it. The word Jesus used was “afflicted” and then you are killed.

All of this has but one goal – total enslavement of the human race. Jesus Christ came to set you free. Satan fully intends to enslave you totally. So guess who is behind all of these efforts to enslave you?

But how does Jade Helm relate to the Holy Bible and prophecy? They say if the shoe fits you should wear it. Nothing could be more true than Jade Helm operations and Jeremiah the prophet and his prophecies against America.

First of all, let’s look at what Jeremiah says about the rounding up of God’s people, and THIS IS a prophecy against the United States and its governmental hatred for the Lord. America does an about face, and turns upon the Lord that blessed them, hence as America rose to power, it was because they were basically obedient to the Lord and received the blessings of Deuteronomy 28. Since the decline, all of the curses of 28 are now here.

All of this goes back to PSALM TWO and the PSALM TWO WARS:

Psalm 2

2 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

People who claim there is no “conspiracy” to take the world to bring in an antichrist globalist government are simply mocking God and all the evidence around them. They are either in denial or unable to comprehend the magnitude of the threat to them and their loved ones. This is not a hidden conspiracy, it is open and the rulers have put it all down in writing as to what they intend to do and they have done it. Psalm Two is the foundation upon which Jeremiah rests. His prophecies are a more detailed version of what Psalm Two means here in America.

Jeremiah 50:6-7

My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their restingplace.

7 All that found them have devoured them: and their adversaries said, We offend not, because they have sinned against the Lord, the habitation of justice, even the Lord, the hope of their fathers.

Take note of the “ALL THAT FOUND THEM DEVOURED THEM” and that Christians have adversaries. In America, the adversaries of the Christians are found in every small town, county and state and federal and global level. They are PSALM TWO AGENTS. They hate the Lord, AND THEY CONSPIRE against Him. They attempt to regulate the Christian and his religion out of existence. This is an irrational hatred that has no basis in fact or reality, it is a spiritual hatred because mankind is in total rebellion against the ONE TRUE GOD, and HATES HIM and HIS SON with an intense deep and unconscious hatred.

It is a normal progression under apostasy away from the Word. It cannot be otherwise. Either the human race acknowledges their true position before the Holy One of Israel or they refuse. The world at large, including the Christians have REFUSED. Hence the round-up of “bigoted, hateful Christians” becomes a goal not only of the rulers but the masses of apostates under them.

You bring the targeted group to the attention of the masses via propaganda embedded in mainstream media, almost all of which is controlled by occult forces. Slowly begin to make jokes, mock and ridicule the intended target. Then you start to vilify and ridicule anyone who believes “such a thing” as the intended target believes. Then you marginalize them via legal means, make it difficult for them to get and keep jobs. For example, if Christians, they cannot mention Jesus Christ ANYWHERE in public or at work,  for it is a “harmful and offensive” word. Slowly the hatred that is buried within all fallen people, including apostate Christians rises to the surface with violence. “Burn the churches, get rid of these bigoted intolerant people once and for all, the world will be much better off without them.”

This is what happened to the Jews in Germany and elsewhere, and it is happening here in America with increasingly violent “legal” acts. Hence the FBI’s “Project Megiddo”.

Jeremiah 50:33-34

Thus saith the Lord of hosts; The children of Israel and the children of Judah were oppressed together: and all that took them captives held them fast; they refused to let them go.

34 Their Redeemer is strong; the Lord of hosts is his name: he shall throughly plead their cause, that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon.

“Jade Helm” is the ROUND-UP of Jeremiah for American Christians and Jews who do not escape. “ALL THAT TOOK THEM CAPTIVE”, MEANS THEY WERE ARRESTED, IMPRISONED, AND HELD FAST. You cannot round up and imprison people without some sort of “legal” justification. This is why our treasonous Congress keeps passing all of these “lawless” laws laying the groundwork to “justify” the coming round-up and enslavement at FEMA Camps all over America.

Now people can mock the “FEMA CAMP” concept all they want – there are over 800 of them all over America, and thousands of “rendition centers” all over this country. These are called “collection points”, where the military goes out, arrests the targeted “red”, “blue” or “green” list people, brings them to a “collection point” and from there they are taken by train, bus, aircraft to their death or re-education camp. It is all real. Jeremiah saw it, he is warning us, for this is IN AMERICA/BABYLON. How strange that Jade Helm is an American exercise.

This is what happened in Germany, Soviet Union and China and are key examples of what happens. The people are “processed” and as such, if you look at the how these camps are all designed, they are processing plants, and you are nothing but cattle to be herded into the pen and then slaughtered. James tells us about the DAY OF SLAUGHTER of the RICH MEN.

The Report From Iron Mountain is one of the most cold and heartless concepts ever printed, a subset to the Protocols. These rich men are nothing but heartless biological computers, totally merciless, totally without conscience, who desire death and hate life (except their own). Iron Mountain treats all people as cattle and remember the United Nations sits upon 11 acres of CATTLE SLAUGHTER GROUNDS, which is no accident,  and Jade Helm is most likely engineered by United Nations operative within the U.S. Government and military. If these poor folks only knew the truth, they would repent immediately of what they plan to do. The dye is cast however, and they have to do what they have to do, and the Lord has to do what He has to do to them.

Remember that Psalm Two tells us that OUR LEADERS are involved in a massive conspiracy against Jesus Christ. Jeremiah is warning us all that Jade Helm IS REAL, and we know from other prophecies that America turns into a Satanically controlled nation that hates God’s people and destroys them. “You shall be hated of all nations for my names sake…” ought to ring in your ears.

Jeremiah 51:35-36

35 The violence done to me and to my flesh be upon Babylon, shall the inhabitant of Zion say; and my blood upon the inhabitants of Chaldea, shall Jerusalem say.

36 Therefore thus saith the Lord; Behold, I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee; and I will dry up her sea, and make her springs dry.

So violence is done to God’s people as well as to Him. The Supreme Court constantly rules against God and Jesus Christ. They mock God at every chance they get, while often quoting from Scripture itself!! But God says He will plead the cause of His people, He will overthrown mighty Babylon and their military. They are nothing to Him. He laughs at them.

Notice one of the things that the Lord does to Babylon – He dries up her seas and her springs begin to go dry. California is one state that openly despises the Lord, and now they are in the midst of a huge drought that scientists are warning could go on for a 100 years. Californians will soon be leaving in mass migrations as the entire state goes dry, the beginning, possibly of the Jeremiah drought warnings. It should be noted that the “seas” or the GREAT LAKES ARE ALSO DRYING UP along with other lakes and rivers. Jeremiah says elsewhere that America becomes a barren waste land.

So let’s get back to Jade Helm and how this popped up on the radar screens of America suddenly and with little warning, and the rumor of Jade Helm spread like wildfire over the internet, and then was picked up by major media like Fox News. Fox was ridiculing the “conspiracy theory people”, more or less indicating they were off the wall fruitcakes and dangerous.

Jade Helm popped up on the radar screens very suddenly and with almost no prior indications at all. It was a “rumor” that went throughout the land, that Jade Helm was a prelude to martial law and might go ‘live”. How odd it is then that Jeremiah speaks of a “rumor” that goes throughout America, first in one year, and then again in another year:

Jeremiah 51:45-46

45 My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the Lord.

46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.

Now I want to stop right here and point out that a rumor may or may not be based upon factual things or reality. A rumor is unsubstantiated, it neither stands nor falls upon factual data – it merely is a “rumor” or “news” of something, and in this case it is a FEARFUL RUMOR. “LEST YOUR HEART FAINT” and “AND YOU FEAR” are indicative of a DIRE WARNING of something coming upon the people that is very fearful to GOD’S PEOPLE. The Lord is addressing HIS PEOPLE, not the general populace here. This is a rumor that seems to bring real fear to HIS PEOPLE, and He is telling them NOT TO FEAR IT.

Now notice the sequence of events:

  1. A rumor shall be heard throughout the land IN ONE YEAR.
  2. This fearful rumor is heard in ONE YEAR, and then in ANOTHER YEAR.

It is also a VERY SPECIFIC RUMOR, and that specific rumor must indicate that the Christians in the land become FEARFUL OF IT. Therefore, by logic, it must be a rumor that concerns the welfare of Christians, and one that makes them fearful of something that is going to alter their lives in a big way, otherwise they would not fear it. It is quite specific that way. Now think back to all the laws being passed and how Christians are being ridiculed and targeted by the Government.

Now let’s take that concept and apply it to what we know about Jade Helm. There is no way around the fact that Jade Helm, be it a simple exercise this year or not, is an exercise of “snatch and grab” targeted “dissidents”, taking them to “collection points”, and from there to FEMA camps. This what Jade Helm is about and any military commander who says otherwise is a total liar and will end up where all liars end up.

Pictures and videos were taken of this exercise that went down in a number of places LONG BEFORE the announced Jade Helm was to actually begin which was July 15th, 2015. Videos of people being captured, lined up, taken to centers and being flown to FEMA Camps are there for all to see. We know from the FBI’s “Project Megiddo” to NDAA 2015, from fusion center reports to the Patriot Act that all the groundwork has been laid for the mass genocide of targeted Americans. It is written down for all to see in the laws. We have the proof right from the Bible itself, so why do you need more?  Jeremiah is AMERICA SPECIFIC, and JADE HELM fits his description to a tee of a PLANNED MILITARY MOVE AGAINST ALL TARGETED AMERICANS. This is high treason, and all military commanders who are involved have consigned themselves to eternal ruin lest they repent a biblical repentance.

There have been a number of insiders who have reported that all of these Americans (that number in the millions), already have their arrest warrants made out in computers, just awaiting the push of a button to begin the round-ups. That is a fearful thing. Warnings abound about something coming upon America. The people of America KNOW something is wrong here, but they do not know what it is.

So then is JADE HELM 15 the RUMOR IN THE LAND? There is no question that the internet is full of Jade Helm warnings and they are all very “fearful”. YouTube is full of these videos all warning of trouble coming. There is no question that Jade Helm is 2015 specific. “IN ONE YEAR”. I believe JADE HELM IS THE RUMOR that Jeremiah is speaking about. If this is true, and I am not saying it is, then Jade Helm 2015 will MOST LIKELY NOT GO LIVE, BUT IS AN EXERCISE FOR THE COMING DISSIDENTS ROUND-UP IN THE FUTURE.

Now notice this “rumor” comes in ONE YEAR, and then it comes in ANOTHER YEAR. That means that Jade Helm MAY not go live, but WILL in the future if events proceed as planned. Jade Helm has set off such a nationwide controversy and backlash that one wonders if Jade Helm is both a military practice run, but also a TRIAL BALLOON to test the waters and gauge public reaction. I cannot imagine that our military leaders are so stupid as to try this on American soil unless it is a trial balloon to see reactions and to tell them if the American people are going to tolerate such an event. My gut feeling is that the backlash causes them to pause. They will come back in ANOTHER YEAR.

I also believe that the Powers That Be are trying to cause a REVOLUTION, CAUSE TROUBLE, so they have an excuse for martial law. Jade Helm may be such an event, but the indications are this 2015 event, much like the Ferguson attempts to start riots, will not succeed. I pray this is the case, nor am I saying that Jade Helm will NOT go live, it COULD this year.

Thus the rumor comes in ONE YEAR, and then again in ANOTHER YEAR. The implication is the following year, but that may not be the case. Compare this to the OMEGA CODE of 2017, Jade Helm could be back in 2016-2018 period of time. However, these TWO RUMORS, both of which are FEARFUL RUMORS AND ARE PROBABLY THE SAME RUMOR, come and GO and then Jeremiah says: “and violence in the land, ruler against ruler”. Interesting. It does not say that the rumor is the CAUSE of the violence, but the implication is that something very sinister is happening in the land that THE RULERS FIGHT OVER.

Notice it is RULER AGAINST RULER. There is “violence” in the land. One of the meanings for the word violence that is most interesting is “unjust gain”. We would call it stealing, taking something in an unjust manner, similar to police departments that use the power of the state to take someone property in an unjust manner. Criminal theft actually. This indicates a massive Federal grab for people’s property. Jade Helm is a FEDERAL MILITARY exercise to REMOVE PEOPLE from their property and then steal everything they have. It goes back to the United Nations and Agenda 21, Man and Biosphere and many other theft programs of the UN.

Remember Agenda 21 outlaws PRIVATE PROPERTY. There is no such thing under the UN. No one can own land or anything. The only way they can take property then is to steal it, probably under the cover of law, but a theft nonetheless. Jade Helm appears to be a UNITED NATIONS PROGRAM if one examines it. The United Nations operates under a communist charter, and is a Marxist document pure and simple. Our military, under State Department Document 7277 and Public Law 87-297 (amended now) puts our military increasingly under United Nations command structures. That was  the goal of our “Psalm Two leaders” all the time. They sold out, not only themselves but their families as well. Jeremiah 51:2 says:

“And will send unto Babylon fanners, that shall fan her, and shall empty her land: for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about”.

Notice “empty her land” and “send unto Babylon (America) FANNERS. It means “aliens”, “illegal immigrants”. Obama has ordered the border OPEN. ICE stands by and does nothing. It is another act of treason, done willfully and with full knowledge because America has to be brought down to merge with the UN. God says He is behind it, for it is PUNISHMENT FOR APOSTATE AMERICANS. These fanners will rise up and set fires in her cities when the call is made.

This violence causes RULERS to GO AGAINST RULERS. This could be state governors who rise up against all of this when they find out what it all really means. It could be counties who rise up against their states. In other words infighting begins on a massive scale as the nation imploded upon itself. Lawlessness prevails, chaos is king.

Notice what happens next:

Jeremiah 51:47-48

“47 Therefore, behold, the days come, that I will do judgment upon the graven images of Babylon: and her whole land shall be confounded, and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her.

48 Then the heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the Lord.”

So there you have it. I have warned you for 25+ years now. I have begged you to read and study the Bible for yourselves and take NO ONES’ OPINION as to what it says. I have asked people to never believe anything I have said, but search it out for themselves. I might be lying to you, and the only way you could know if I am or not is to study to show yourselves approved before the Lord. I don’t fear contradiction here, because I know who America is, and I know her fate.

What bothers me more than anything is the conservative right Christians and especially prophecy leaders who seem to never be able to admit who America is in prophecy. They refuse to take something like Jade Helm and apply it to prophecies directed against America when the fit is exact. It like they are ashamed of it or something. How can the people know what is happening to them if they do not understand the prophecies leveled against the nation they live in? Jade Helm is dangerous beyond belief. Jade Helm is IRON MOUNTAIN COMING TO ITS FULL FRUITION. I warned you, it is now here.







Few See What Is Happening In America or Have Clues To Their Own Condition

Ferguson is being taken over for a communist/progressive inspired “min-revolution” in the hopes that it will catch fire across America – something that communists always do when they target a country to topple. America is about to fall but it will not fall as most people envision – in point of fact it has already fallen, and the evidence to prove it are in Ferguson and the militarization of all local police and Sheriff departments across America. It is something I warned about almost 30 years ago when I released the documentary, “Iron Mountain, Blue Print For Tyranny”. We brought to the attention to the “un-wanting to know” American public the wishes of the LEAA and how they wanted the police to become the domestic “military” for one reason and one reason only: the subjugation of the American people. It is now here in full view. Enter Obama Ben “CHANGE” and “domestic army”.

Homeland Security is identical to the Soviet KGB, East German Stasi or the Nazi SS. The UN police forces, under State Department document 7277 are to assume full command of all U.S. military forces, with the aim as well of taking control of all local, county, state and federal police. The Americans refused to believe it, and I still get mocked when I write to warn people, but you know what? I crossed over to the other side. I met the Lord and I see through different eyes now. I watch the fake preachers, teachers, evangelists and so-called prophetic scholars’ sweet talk the stupid Christian out of their money and their salvation. I watch the stupid American that is mad upon their idols go down to hell every single day. And then I remember what Jesus said about all of this. “I do not pray for the world…”

I don’t either, nor will I pray for America or her people. I pray only that those that have been obedient to the Lord to enter in at the strait gate and to walk the narrow way unto the revelation of true death before their creator, and who understand, or are just beginning to understand, what Jesus meant when He said you better hunger and thirst for the truth or it will simply pass you by. Ever been so hungry you would almost kill for food? Ever been so thirsty you would almost kill for a drink of water? Do you understand any of this, or are you going to mock it? The truth is not easy to find, but YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO FIND IT IF YOU WANT TO. And you have God on your side as well.

Priorities, priorities, priorities. It’s like real estate; location, location, location. The American people, led by these fakes, many of whom are Satanic angels of light, have destroyed this nation, and themselves along with it. How stupid is that? You weave your own rope to hang yourself with it. Wow!! Talk about stupid, talk about blindness. So now begins the final take-down of the greatest nation the world has even seen.

No one has any excuse. No one. It was all there in the Bible. “I will pick their delusions”, saith the Lord, and boy has He. For the Christians, a fake salvation based upon “believe” or have “faith”. For the world, the coming apex of the strong delusion, the ARRIVAL and that the Bible is a book of mythology, old wives tales and cannot be trusted. For many reading this, they have “religious spirits” that keep them from understanding WHY Jesus told them to enter in. I can tell from the comments and emails that many people have no clue what all of this about. So down we all go. Ferguson is just a revelation of what is soon to  come. The police state is here in full force, and the calls to stop it are far too few and far too late.

God Himself said He would bring “strangers” into our nation, and that at His call, they would ignite a fire in our cities. That’s what the open borders are all about. That is what Ferguson is all about. He would bring us down.
Meanwhile everyone is about their business. Business as usual. Get this done, get that done. Not that it is not necessary, but what is the actual priority in American lives? I can tell you what it is, and it has nothing to do with God the Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost. It has nothing to do with THE WORD, or the WORD OF PROPHECY. It has nothing to do with FINDING TRUTH. It has EVERYTHING TO DO with MAMMON and getting a better home or a better vehicle, or climbing up the ladder in some corporation. What happens when the rug is pulled out?

I watch all of this from the other side. My perspective is radically different. I am on the moon watching the world of humanity destroy itself. Blind. Unable to extricate themselves as the trap is rapidly closing upon them. I weep sometimes, but catch myself. Jesus did not weep for the world. He wept for Jerusalem; His beloved city. He wept for His people. But never for the world, that which He classified as TOTALLY EVIL AND BEYOND REPAIR. If you can’t fix it, if it is beyond repair, you discard it. You throw it out. Hence a NEW WORLD IS COMING, A NEW HEAVEN IS COMING.

Do you see? Satan has his little diabolical substitute for a new heaven and a new Earth. It is called the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is mankind’s last desperate attempt to throw Christ off His rightful throne and give it to Satan. It is a clear as day what is going on. It is so simple that few see it. America is in the center of this attempt to destroy every last concept of a Father, A Son and a Holy Ghost. Lucifer is rising. He has a nice smile. He lies all the time. He appears to be totally incompetent, but is not. He has a mission. DESTROY BABYLON. BRING HER DOWN.

That is why America is called BABYLON THE GREAT the mighty Babylon; gateway to the gods. Hence America’s interest in the Tower of Babel and the largest embassy in the world built by the Euphrates river. The occult leaders of America are looking for something. It actually is a STAR GATE, also known as a dimensional gate. They fully intend to storm heaven, or bring heaven down to Earth. They are waiting for the arrival. The arrival of the gods will fix it all. They have all the answers. They are our space buddies. They want to play marbles with us. Only problem is they play marbles for keeps. We lose, they win, because they know it is totally futile attempt to fix something so broke it cannot be repaired. So if you cannot repair it, simply DESTROY IT. Do you get the drift here?

It is the same thing with salvation. You cannot fix that which is so broke it cannot be repaired. That which is flesh is flesh, and it cannot be repaired. You cannot take something so rotten and make it fresh. You cannot repair who you are. You cannot fix it, it is beyond all hope. Try as you might to be good, to be loving, to be this or be that, it does no good, you are beyond broke and beyond repair. You are fallen. You are classified as evil and an enemy. Do you get it?

If something is so broke it cannot be fixed, then why are you all attempting to fix it? You see, ALL RELIGIONS, including fake Christianity are an attempt to repair that which cannot be repaired. It is all whitewash, totally futile, totally worthless. Only when a human soul begins to realize who and what they are before their creator does recognition come of the real truth. BROKE BEYOND REPAIR. Nothing to do but discard it. Jesus said “These things I say unto you are Spirit, the flesh profits nothing…” The flesh profits nothing whatever because it is broke. That means you are a broke life form. Some sort of vile bacterial infection. Ugly stuff, say what? These are hard sayings, who can abide by them? Only the few that open their ears and open their hearts. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and because there is no fear of the Lord in America these days, there is no wisdom.

So why are you all rushing around trying to fix that which cannot be fixed? You have no justification, no value, no worth. Hard sayings, but true sayings. We are nothing. All of us are big nothings. The nations of the world are NOTHING. The entire Earth is a big NOTHING. DO YOU GET IT?

The answer to all of this is so simple. If you cannot fix that which is totally broke, then quit trying. Quit trying to improve that which cannot be improved. RELAX. SLOW DOWN. SLOW DOWN. Shift gears. Recognize and accept your condition. It is what it is. NOT FIXABLE. OK then, if you cannot fix it, what can you do? Quit trying to fix it and go into FULL SEARCH MODE. SEARCH OUT SOMETHING. Jesus said to SEEK, ASK, KNOCK, STRIVE AND LABOR. In other words, you are to FIND SOMETHING. You are to quit trying to improve yourself, but rather, search out something. You cannot fix that which is so broke it cannot be fixed.This is not say that one should not be honest, just and such.

Ever lose your wallet or purse? Car keys? Important papers? Remember how desperate you were to find that lost item? How you searched high and low and could not find it? Did you say to yourself, “I swear to much, I have a potty mouth, I gotta quit that” or “I smoke too much”, or whatever your thing is? The answer is simple, NO. It was no because you were totally concentrating upon the LOST ITEM. There was no attempt to fix anything. So it is with salvation. You are to FIND SOMETHING.

Then and only then can you begin to discern why Jesus said we must STRIVE to enter in at the strait gate and walk a very strange narrow way unto death. We are not to fix anything, WE ARE to search for something. Big difference between fixing something than looking for something. It is not an attempt to improve ourselves. It has nothing to do with improving yourself. You are what you are. Relax in it. Quiet the spirit. This is not at all about your mind, your flesh, your carnal understanding. It is, rather a search for truth, and that is all it is. It is about you coming to a recognition of something. You are in truth DEAD before your creator. I mean you are really, truly DEAD.

Planet Earth is the planet of the living dead. They are quite alive to THIS WORLD, very DEAD to the Lord’s home, called the Father’s House, or Heaven. Do you get it? You are DEAD TO GOD; VERY, REALLY DEAD. I want to ask you how you think you are going to get UNDEAD? Do you have the power to override a decree from the Creator that you be found instantly UNDEAD? How does a dead creature become alive again? I have not seen that happen before in nature or in the world of humankind. Once dead, we have our services, tell lies about how nice they all were, feel guilty about how we treated them in life, and wonder about all of this. But still are all still dead. But wait…

There was this guy who was born into the human race that claimed He had the answers to all of this. His answers and statements and actions and miracles startled all those people back then. They marveled at his so-called “satanic abilities” to make things happen, including bringing dead people back to life, and not as Zombies, but rather fully functioning human beings!! Wow!! What a trip that must have been!! “No such thing”, they all said. “Impossible”, they claimed. “Must be a trick of some sort, all done by the power of Satan or one or two of his cohorts”!!

Well now, can you imagine how the kings and rulers of this world must have been thinking (and still do, by the way), if this guy can raise the dead, and perform all of these anomalies of nature, why he might turn upon us, and then what would we do? Well of course, take this living person and make him dead. That’s the answer!! Kill him and he won’t be anymore. “Good riddance to bad rubbish”. That’s the ticket, make it legal, make it look justified, set him up, kill him and then it will be all over. So they did. It worked too, for a few days. But then something happened. This dead guy, who claimed to know all sorts of very weird things comes back to life.

So was this some trick, some sleight of hand operation? Maybe a DARPA advanced technology sort of thing? Maybe they never REALLY killed him, almost all say today. It was just a trick, and there really was not any such person anyhow in history, it was all just made up. No such person ever was – and so it goes. But the testimony is there. It was recorded even by historians. But what does it all mean? Well, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ was a parable in motion. It was designed to show stupid humans something about their condition and that they could NOT do anything about it. As Bill Clinton would say, it all depends on what the definition of IS, is. You see? Maybe we should say, it depends upon the definition of what DEAD is?


If there were any repairs to be made, they had to be made by the Creator Himself. So the Creator pondered this for a split second or so, how to do it? How to explain, or sum up this radical concept? Well, that’s easy. Bring a WAY that shows the stupid human what the real truth of what his condition really is. SHOW HIM in a very experiential manner via a way he knows not. In other words, we will make a ‘WAY” that will reveal to him/her that slowly reveals who they really are in their innermost parts. You know, take that which they think is all white and show them how black it really is, show them the destitution of the human heart. Give them A WAY, that if they will “enter into it”, and drop all the foolishness and vanity of this life, and actually, and truthfully ENTER INTO THIS “WAY” that we can bring them down, destroy the arrogant and haughty heart, bring them down to nothing, bring them down to reveal they are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD before Me.

That’s the ticket!! Show them via this “way”. If they won’t enter in, they will never find the real truth, and die lost. We know only a few will enter in, but if they won’t they are not fit for the next run of things, the next heaven, the next Earth. Only the fit survive.
Now of course the Creator knew that a whole bunch of liars and fakes would emerge from all of this effort, forge a whole new religion, and create a monster from it all. But that’s OK, because the Creator is only looking for certain types of people, you know, those that have the courage to think for themselves, inquire within, and do due diligence to search out the real truths. The rest? TOO BAD, SO SAD.

So you see, if you do not KNOW experientially you are dead before your Creator, and then are shown WHY you are dead before Him, how can you truly ask to be made alive? To be REBORN IN THE SPIRIT? You see, your flesh has nothing to do with any of this, it cannot be repaired. All of this is SPIRIT TO SPIRIT, DEEP UNTO DEEP. It is not of this world. It is BEYOND THIS WORLD, WAY BEYOND IT.

One cannot repent unless one knows what they need to repent of. And you cannot know what you must repent of unless you are shown WHY YOU ARE DEAD, and then and only then can you REPENT A GODLY REPENTANCE NOT TO BE REPENTED OF. True Biblical repentance has nothing to do with any earthly good or bad things you may have done. In fact, true Biblical repentance is such a radical concept that only a few ever discover what it is or why it has to be so. The Bible repeatedly tells us all of this is HIDDEN, A MYSTERY, and A SECRET ONLY REVEALED TO THOSE WHO “ENTER IN”. OK, SO WHY WON’T YOU ENTER IN? WHY DO YOU MOCK IT? Just asking, that’s all. You don’t need to answer, you need to ask yourself that question and find the right answer within. You need to do it now, for tine is running out.


You were all given a chance to extricate yourself from Earth. Reality is so far different from most of you even begin to realize. It is not a joke, salvation is the most important issue in all of life, yet it is treated as a “nothing” to most people. People want “news”, not any of this salvation stuff. “Not for me”, they all say. “We want NEWS, NEWS, NEWS!!”
So here is the NEWS:




“The world ended today for many people. It came suddenly and with no warning for many, totally unexpected, and for others, the result of a long illness. They passed away. Loved ones wept. Satan cheered. He won most of them, and only one escaped, because she had found her ransom, her redeemer, she claimed. Everyone said she was very strange, kept to herself, quiet. Studied a lot, they said. Not liked by most, for she rejected the world around her…