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MAY 17, 2023


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Posted on May 17, 2023

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Russia, Putin, Ukraine, NATO, Israel, Iran, China, Taiwan, Sun, Earth Changes, Arrival & More…

The mental downloading for the Great Reset aka New World Order Is Almost Complete

So here we are, more than half-way through May and we find the American flag flying at half-mast and UPSIDE DOWN at the capitol building in D.C. Why was that and who did it? It was not by accident and appears to be true – seems to go along with Mr. Chang’s comment of the “unthinkable” coming our way – perhaps God’s judgement is going to take an UPTICK to a more severe level? Then we have the SUN (Think SON), getting more angry by the day it seems, and then reports of a galactic wave of some sort headed our way, more forest fires in the USA/Babylon and so it goes in the Matrix – we could produce a soap series called “As The Matrix Turns” and more…


Here it comes, folks, as the UN/WEF/WHO/GATES and the New World Order boys and girl ramp up the NEXT SNAKE VENOM SHOT, so roll up your sleeves and be good little boys and girls:

Don’t be surprised if all of this transforms itself into a palisade snake fang patch, after all, Satan is a snake, and those that work for him and likewise SNAKES but in human bodies. If folks did not learn anything from 20 million dead and almost one billion maimed for life due to this CV-19 hoax and jab they never will and are lost…

By the way, it was all planned years before it was introduced. The RICH MEN of Psalm Two are behind it all – and they really are going for the part of your brain that connects with your Creator. DARPA and the DOD were behind this the whole time and will be again. A STANDING ARMY THAT COMMITS TREASON is hell-bound military that will soon taste utter defeat and total humiliation.

The RICH MEN already learned that Americans are all to willing to snitch on their neighbors via the CV-19 lockdowns. They also learned that the Americans are all to willing to turn upon their neighbors because they refused to take the mRNA jab and were labeled as unloving, uncaring deplorables that really ought to be eliminated from society – so don;t be surprised as the NEXT PLANDEMIC and the NEW mRNA killer“medicine/drug when it becomes mandatory!!



Been seeing these sorts of things lately – is mighty Babylon about to enter into the “FALLEN, IS FALLEN” of Revelation? We are undergoing the FINAL PHASE of the INVASION foretold by prophecy and next they will RISE UP A SHOUT AGAINST THEE, OH MIGHT BABYLON and down it shall fall…???

It’s all about the DATA. DATA = PROFILE = ID = ARREST if your profile indicates you will not go along with the New World Order, and its infamous MARK OF THE BEAST PROGRAM FOR ALL. Satan wants his world back. Why won’t you go along with it – after all 95% of humanity will – so what’s your problem? The MARK according to some prophecy “experts” is just another step in the “credit system” and so NOT TO WORRY. Of course they also told you to take the Jab, afterall, Jesus would have…

Do you want to know the true Gospel of Jesus Christ? You won’t hear it in any modern Christian church today according to prophecy of the last days. The real Gospel of salvation is LOST.


Rumor has it that a cosmic shock wave is headed our way, and we have noticed that the core of the Milky Way has become active, and that means if we can see that activity, then the cosmic wave will not be far behind – BLUE STAR SHINING.

So much more out there but not now…


P.S. Are you ready for the ARRIVAL? Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!!!


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