Best’s Intel Update 5-17-2023 – It’s Possibly A Bad Day At Black Rock & More…

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Russia, Putin, Ukraine, NATO, Israel, Iran, China, Taiwan, Sun, Earth Changes, Arrival & More…

The downloading for the Great Reset aka New World Order Is Almost Complete

So here we are, more than half-way through May and we find the American flag flying at half-mast and UPSIDE DOWN at the capitol building in D.C. Why was that and who did it? It was not by accident and appears to be true – seems to go along with Mr. Chang’s comment of the “unthinkable” coming our way – perhaps God’s judgement is going to take an UPTICK to a more severe level? Then we have the SUN (Think SON), getting more angry by the day it seems, and then reports of a galactic wave of some sort headed our way, more forest fires in the USA/Babylon and so it goes in the Matrix – we could produce a soap series called “As The Matrix Turns” and more…


2 thoughts on “Best’s Intel Update 5-17-2023 – It’s Possibly A Bad Day At Black Rock & More…

  1. The “Plasma Sheet” comes from the center of our galaxy from a star called Sagittarius ‘A’. The wave form thought to be 50 light years wide and is like a continuous feature, like a pulse. When our sun entered it, it caused the Carrington Event. It’s like a sign wave type, + or -, our earth with poles responds by rolling one way and the next time rolls back in response. Whatever the leaders are looking at in Antarctic, (artifacts or megalithic structures?), it was all at the equator prior the last turnover. When the crust dislodges from the mantle, the earth is still spinning (as I’ve been led to understand) and the areas with the most mass, move to the equator due to centrifugal force. Those would be the polar, icy regions. Over the 12,000 year interim, that ice melts and builds again on the new land mass at the poles. The wave come through as it always has, rinse, repeat.

    The flag at the capitol, is reminiscent of the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge. It may be a sign to the Rich Men to dump treasuries and buy gold. It could be an SOS from Congress telling the American people “Hey, we’ve been captured”.

    Thanks Stewart!


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