You Are A Fool and A Zombie To World Leaders As They Laugh & Mock All Of You

You Are A Fool and A Zombie To World Leaders As They Laugh & Mock All Of You

You may remember some time ago we mentioned that WHO, UN, CDC and FDA decided that they had to codify humanity as to their mRNA drug (RENAMED A VACCINE) status. Those codifications go into effect April 1, 2023 according to a phone call we received from a high-level position in a major medical insurance company and vetted to be accurate.

You Are A Fool and A Zombie To World Leaders As They Laugh & Mock All Of You

Take a good look at this chart. I mean take a really long look and study this out – why in the world would they have all of these codes, especially with the WEF/WHO/UN CALLING FOR TOTAL SURVEILLANCE AND TRACKING ABILITY via “CELL” PHONES? WHY DO THEY WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR REASON WAS AS TO YOUR REFUSAL? Or why with the mRNA “COVFEFE” of President Trump’s Tweet in which he said a “FEW” people would “figure it out.” Have you figured it out yet? A clue here might be NANO-BOT HIGH TECH WITH SOMETHING TO DO WITH “FE” OR “IRON NANOBOT TECHNOLOGY”.

You might also ask, “Why do they want everyone in the world to take a totally untested gene-altering, DNA changing DRUG when it has already killed millions and maimed millions more and are telling everyone it is safe and effective? It is extremely effective in killing and maiming people, perhaps that is what they mean? And WHY did they attack any and all known “cures” and PROMOTE all things that lowered people’s IMMUNE SYSTEMS, like isolation via lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing and such? Ever wonder?

Further, why does the UN and WEF want to impose CRIMINAL PENALTIES upon all those who present the REAL TRUTH behind their global genocide, calling the TRUTH “Misinformation” or “Disinformation’? Sound’s like George Orwell’s 1984’s “MINISTRY OF TRUTH” doesn’t it?

Jesus Christ, who IS TRUTH, warned our world leaders to KISS THE SON OF GOD, lest they perish from the way – the Psalm Two War, in which THEY LOSE, and Jesus WINS. Oh, well, we all do “kick against the pricks” as Jesus asked Paul why he was in such a state of mind? In a word, our leaders become INSANE, MAD, unable to discern in any way the REAL TRUTH.

Ever consider why they call your phones “CELL” PHONES OR “SMART PHONES”? Is it because you are a prisoner in your CELL AND YOUR PHONE IS “SMARTER: THAN YOU ARE in the elite’s eyes? They want you dead, of course, while they feed you more and more poison, just as they planned to do long ago, AS FAR BACK AS 1937!! It is all out there, all you have to do is research it out for yourself, but they know only a FEW will do that, so they are “safe and secure” as they murder and maim millions all over the world.

Now then, this CODIFICATION will go live on APRIL 1, 2023 or APRIL FOOLS DAY. Now why would our world leaders decide to bring this upon the world on APRIL FOOLS DAY? And why would all of this coding start with a Z? Gee whiz, perhaps it means ZOMBIE. Do you think a FOOL is considered a ZOMBIE by the elite of the world who are laughing at you, mocking you, ridiculing you, imprisoning you as they tell you LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE? And you still bow the knee and drink down their lies like Cool-Aid? A little bit of stupidity makes the medicine go down, perhaps – right? I remember a movie that said something about making the medicine (DRUG) GO DOWN, LIKE “MARY POPPINS”?

 Do you think the elite consider all of us as FOOLS AND ZOMBIES? Perhaps they are more right than we want to admit! Or have you considered that the leader of China and WHO, that is RUN BY CHINA, is a man called XI, pronounced as Z? Maybe, but then again, who knows? All of this coincidence, anyway, right? I mean Dylan’s song about Baby Blue where he sings “Take what you have gathered by coincidence” might ring a bell here in otherwise zombified brains unable to discern, or perhaps as the Apostle Paul said, “you are dull of hearing”. Perhaps we could add “Dull of seeing SIGNS FROM THE LORD” – who knows? Nowadays no one seems to care anyhow, well a few of course, there are always “THE FEW” not to be confused with “FOX’S THE FIVE.”

Then there was a recent movie released called “THE LAST OF US”, a movie about a real fungus that effects ants and turns them into zombies, where they kill each other and destroy their own nests and it jumps to human who are turned into ZOMBIES, as Larry Taylor reminded me as I was writing this blog. Then of course we had the movie “WORLD WAR Z” in which a virus turned humanity into zombies. Then we had the movie “OUTBREAK” and then “CONTAGION” and many others all “predictive programming” warning you of the elite’s plan for us FOOLS and ZOMBIES.

And then, if that is not enough, our illustrious world leaders via the military-industrial-pharmaceutical world complex ran ZOMBIE DRILLS! Why would they do that do you suppose? Could the Creator be warning us of something coming? Like in Revelation 18:23? Do a word study on 18:23, especially the word “sorceries”!! Now we learn that CV-19 (Remember Trump’s COVFEFE?) and advanced nano-bot high tech was all done by DARPA and the Department of Defense which resides within a satanic “Pentagon” within a city FOURSQUARE with the red eyed DEVILS TOWER we call the “WASHINGTON MONUMENT, next to A SQUARE AND A COMPASS, and a WHITE HOUSE and yet does anyone see what is going on here?

We must not forget the Georgia Guidestones and human culling of 7.5 billion people and a UN “sustainable” global population of ½ billion people. Remember the United Nations (4th Beast of Daniel and their “AGENDA 21/30/50”, which is being moved up because the elite seem to recognize that those slumbering zombie masses might wake up and put a stop to their satanic antichrist plans, but that is not likely, according to prophecy!

Then of course we have the WEF’s Klaus Slob (Schwab), telling us all about the GREAT RESET, another name for NEW WORLD ORDER OF ANTICHRIST. Then we have Mr. Harari of Israel, the primary spokesmen for the WEF it seems, telling us that our bodies will become a cell phone always connected to the QUEEN BEEHIVE and we must stay connected to this central AI “mother ship” or we will die. Why not just tell us that if we don’t take the MARK OF THE BEAST” WE WILL SURELY DIE? Of course on this God-forsaken planet of the LIVING DEAD, everything is upside down and inside out, you know!

Then we have the song released IN 1984 (GET IT?) called “99 Red Balloons” all about the end of the world and low and behold China (AKA the “RED DRAGON”, another sign for the world in Revelation 12), FLIES A BALLOON OVER THE USA/BABYLON over our military bases collecting military data, and of course it was a RED BALLOON because it came from RED CHINA, but of course all of this is “coincidence!”

Then we just had a world-wide telecast of a DOUBLE MURDER TRIAL in which a “legal beagle” named Murdauch, who was a RED HEAD. A double murder and a warning to the United States if one was “seeing” what was “presented”. He had 99 lawsuits filed against him according to “Court TV”. Wow? 99 is also an upside down 66.

66. agrios
Strong’s Concordance agrios: living in the fields, wild, savage, fierce

Gee, I wonder if this is a warning about the coming 7 years of ANTICHRIST, a throwback to King Nebuchadnezzar being turned in a WILD BEAST? Remember the RING OF BRASS AND IRON around the stump of the TREE OF BABYLON? Wow! Rings (pardon the pun), a bell concerning Susan Boyle, Terri Schiavo and the two eagles that crashed in Duluth, MN. Signs, they are all SIGNS, let alone all of the cosmic SIGNS that have filled the skies. But alas, it is like Chem-Trails, no one looks up, no one believes we have rulers that are so evil we cannot comprehend it, even though Bible prophecy warned us.

Now for 99 in Hebrew is also interesting when compared to what happens to humanity during its final probation days:

99. agem
Strong’s Concordance agem: sad)
Definition: sad

As used:

Isaiah 19:10
HEB: עֹ֥שֵׂי שֶׂ֖כֶר אַגְמֵי־ נָֽפֶשׁ׃
NAS: laborers will be grieved in soul.
KJV: sluices [and] ponds for fish.
INT: laborers the hired will be grieved soul

Wow, all those left behind will be very sad, as Ken Peters said in his Tribulation vision that after the Church was gone everyone LEFT BEHIND was very, very sad, like they had all lost their mother in death. But it also may well apply to those that Jesus Christ rejects in Matthew 7 with a terse “I never knew you”, and sends them to eternal ruin and loss. Might want to check that one out to make sure it does not apply to any of us poor “deplorable” folks and “broke machines or “bad robots”, you know how that goes. Hillary had one for Earth, but Jesus Christ has those for heaven as well, you know.

As Dylan said “it’s all over now, Baby Blue…” Have you taken all that you have gathered from “coincidence” and put it all together? You are running out of time. Tick, Tick, Tick. Wow, the sand is almost gone now…

And now as John warned us with this warning, we all need to understand what he was telling us:

1 John 4:4-6

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

Yes indeed. A NEW “WORLD” ORDER, A NEW “WORLD” RELIGION, a NEW “WORLD” DIGITAL MONEY SYSTEM” and a NEW “WORLD” POLITICAL SYSTEM. Are not the UN, WHO, CDC, FDA and all of it OF THIS WORLD? Will not the ARRIVAL of our UFO buddies, the fallen ones be, when they arrive, be of THIS WORLD? You better believe it and those that embrace it are INCLUDED IN THE SPIRIT OF ERROR bad machines insofar as Jesus is concerned. He is watching from THE DOOR, through the dimensional lattice. Can you hear His call? Good thing to “believe” a better thing to have Him KNOW YOU…


1 thought on “You Are A Fool and A Zombie To World Leaders As They Laugh & Mock All Of You

  1. April Fools Day. Could it be the day when frequencies are increased? A believer friend of mine knows a lot about what is happening. His wife bought him a new folding cell phone. I told him to get rid of it, because it was fife-gee. She strongly objected as she paid $1000! Best advice, stay away from people who are mean/angry, insane or just plain stupid.


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