Best’s Intelligence Review Hour 12-16-2022 – This, This, That & That Maybe?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 12-16-2022 @ 7:00 PM CT

Putin, London, Ukraine, Earth Changes, Jab, NATO, UN, WEF, 4th Reich, CDC, Biden, Israel & More…

Massive storm hits the USA, dumps snow, freezing rain, sleet and tornadoes over huge part of the nation lasting for days. Meanwhile major threats from Russia towards USA, EU and London emerge from Russia as they ready more nukes. Will the December 18th Hanukkah SHAKE THE NATIONS or is this another warning of things to come? Solar anomalies continue as a prelude to THE KILL SHOT, Earth changes continue over the world as we draw near to TERMINATION TIME. Remember Hanukkah lasts for 8 days, from 12-18 through to 12-26 – are these days a high watch? 2023 looms as well and Biden continues his take-down of America from within.


1 thought on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour 12-16-2022 – This, This, That & That Maybe?

  1. So appreciate Larry and Stewarts stand for truth. Disturbed and disgusted to listen to program of Augusto Chuck bullying abuse to Larry, it was terrible what they did to Larry without a just cause. We started listening to you and Larry under 20 years ago when Dorothy posted your radio on Youtube. There was no call for what they did. God bless you both bringing the news and truth to so many out there.


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