Best’s Intelligence Review Hour 12-9-2022 – No Idea Whatsoever-Maybe Something..

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 12-9-2022 @ 7:00 PM CT

December 18th, Torah Code, Putin, WW3, WHO, UN, WEF, Ukraine, Earth Changes, Arrival

December is flying by really fast, Cosmic Signs spell trouble, arrival may be sooner than we think, but first WW3? No one knows but behind the scenes lots of evil is being planned and will soon be out in the open as the RICH MEN make their final moves for their NEW WORLD ORDER. Humanity is asleep at the switch, thus making it easy for Satan and his dupes to continue their culling operations, manipulate the weather and bring about their wars. Earth changes abound, and an evil force is moving rapidly to take over the world. The rise of the 4th Reich & the ARRIVAL coming soon to a neighborhood near you – are you ready or not?