Best’s Intel Update 11-9-2022 – Some Of This & Possibly That, Who Knows…

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 11-9-2022 @7:00 PM CDT

Communist America, Betrayals, Babylon Down, Russia Warnings, China, Israel, Iran & More…

The non-election is over, and as expected, the communists have, by hook and crook, managed to stay in power and nothing will change because America is run by money power groups, and voting means nothing. Lawlessness prevails, and the American people and their nation continue their march into eternal ruin and loss. Prophecy must and will be fulfilled, and America/Babylon now faces the break-up of the Union. God’s judgments continue to fall and will now become much worse. The blood moon over America was a horrible omen of her future, and this nation will never return to her perch of power because there is no true knowledge of God and no repentance in the land. Humanity has rejected the one true God and has embraced the false gods of ancient times and is going to be destroyed…


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