Best’s Intel Update 11-2-2022 – Maybe Something, Maybe Not, Who Knows?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 1-2-2022 @7:00 PM CDT

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So October is gone, and now we enter the first 11 days of November, and who knows what may happen next. Bibi has come back, it appears, to rule over Israel as she enters her time of Jacob’s Trouble, just as the Lord told me over 30 years ago and to my surprise, two Israeli sages said that Bibi’s return marked the time of the end and Messiah’s Return. The world is so totally apostate that even the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will blind-side everyone. The Bible’s truths have been totally rejected and thus a lot of this will be a total surprise. Alert Christians who are watching have witnessed SIGN AFTER SIGN falling into place, while the apostates mock and ridicule. So it is what it is as the saying goes, and there is nothing new under the Sun…


2 thoughts on “Best’s Intel Update 11-2-2022 – Maybe Something, Maybe Not, Who Knows?

  1. 444 Prophecy News
    The Ross Ice Shelf Slid into the Southern Sea

    saw this on twitter


  2. And this may be the deception: people, to include some Christians, seem to want the world to return as it was when Donald Trump was President and BB as PM in Israel. We have past that point. The world will not return because the world we knew has past. We are in really uncharted waters now but watching prophetic events unfolding, the break up of alliances and the reemerge of old alliances and new threats forewarned in prophecy,anything can happen now.

    But I do know that since this administration has come to power, they have fulfilled scripture when it says they will call evil good and good evil and as in the days of Noah…. These are those days.


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