Best’s Intel Update 9-21-2022 – Some Of This, Mostly That & Who Knows?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 9-21-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Putin, Ukraine, EU, NATO, War, WHO, CDC, New Waves, Jabs and More…

Wake me up when September’s Over, a song that might have more meaning to it than we want to believe. Putin is being pushed into a corner and sooner or later he must act on his nuclear threats – and only the Lord can stop all of this madness, but will He? It seems that the world has rejected His Son and especially the United States of Babylon, destined for total judgment. The Sun is ever anomalous and now scientists are warning of more solar disease “events” as we move into Daniel’s 70th week. The 25th/26th of September Israel moves into her TIME OF TROUBLE and the next few years will tell us if the experts are right. More “jabs” or “boosters” are in the wind again along with a new wave of whatever and much more…


1 thought on “Best’s Intel Update 9-21-2022 – Some Of This, Mostly That & Who Knows?

  1. The lawlessness is prophetic and the migration from big cities like new York to Florida will not ease the problem. What will they do when the current governor leaves office or a Cat 4-5 Hurricane comes through? If The Lord has not told a person to move, then you better stay in place.


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