Best’s Extended Intel Hour For 9-16-2022 – This, That, & No One Knows What Else

John Vandeventer, Larry Taylor & Stewart Round Table on Paranormal & World News…

So much is going on behind the scenes and much right out there in the open, but few are taking note of how close we are to Daniel’s 70th week with the death of the Queen who ruled for 70 years. I don’t think that people realize how close we are to a HUGE CHANGE that will change everything we all thought was “normal”. God is judging America for her total apostasy and refusal to obey the commands of the Lord. The American people are going to be hit without warning. From now and on through October it appears that the New World Order will rise rapidly. King Charles III is fully behind the WEF’s GREAT RESET and UN Agenda 21/30/50. Then we have UFO sightings off the charts, along with “sightings” of “creatures” rising as well. Earth Changes abound and on and on it goes – why are so few paying any attention?