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Best’s Intel Update For 9-14-2022 – This, Some Of That & The Other Thing

Night Shadows Radio 9-14-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT


Things appear to be moving very fast as world leaders (Eagles) gather in London to pay tribute to the carcass of the Queen. Is this what Jesus was referring to? Are we about to start Daniel’s 70th Week on 9-25/26 depending upon the NEW MOON? Will Jesus come to get His Bride for a 7-day (7 year) wedding in Heaven as He promised? Will the Church Age close on 9-27? Do the trumpet blasts reveal the secret of 9-11 and how it is tied directly to FEAST OF TRUMPETS? Is the Church Age about to close? Is the Age of Grace OVER on 9-27-2022 or close to that date? Is the world about to enter a time of trouble as God comes to judge all those who refused HIS SON? Did Russia just issue a final nuclear threat to the world and more…