The truth, of course, is usually not welcome to the ears of most of humanity, which is something I find so terribly sad, as this hour of trail approaches the world and all that dwell upon the face of the whole Earth. A snare is coming, and no one can stop it.

I have personally received word of warning that an attempt to murder me and possibly Patti is about to be made and these warnings are coming in from others “out of the blue” so to speak, as our brothers and sisters call and without asking, suddenly pray for our protection.

About a month ago someone smashed our mailbox with what appears to be a baseball bat, but no one else’s mailbox was destroyed in all of the neighborhood, so it was a personal attack and warning, so it appears to be escalating.

I am asking for prayers of protection from our brothers and sisters who are listeners and those seeking the real truth as we are now entering a time of real persecution from Satan and his minions, and we all need to pray for each other in these horrible satanic times as He has protected all those who speak the truth in warning the world. Thank you for your help and if the Lord tells you more about this let us know as this time of trouble approaches.



  1. God answered my prayers when I found your blog and Night Shadows. Stewart, no pastor or priest I have ever encountered taught about the “strait gate and narrow way”. Plus, this subject was never taught in the three semesters of theology I took at a catholic university. You and Larry are a blessing in my life and I pray for both your families every night.


  2. My prayers for you and all who are believers in this time of mischief and violence! The Lord of Hosts, shall put up a hedge of protection for those that are his own! YHWH, the living God is with you and who can be against you? Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, and so it shall be. By the blood of Yeshua and in His holy name let no one or no thing harm a hair on your head or those whom you love!


  3. Deat Heavenly Father, rebuke and bind the threats of harm and potential fear that are trying to break through their hedges of protection and continue to cover them with the blood of Jesus and lift Stewart and Patty up under your wing of protection that no harm may come to them or even frighten them in Jesus name. Amen


  4. I’ve kept you two in my prayers, will step up my prayers, God bless you! Jesus is our Lord and Savior! Love you guys

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  5. Brother Stewart and Patti. I am praying for your protection and protection of your family. Dispatching legions of holy angels to surround your home and work and the evil spirits and their human hosts responsible for the attackup on your mailbox are now bound caged and sent to the foot of Jesus Christ dor judgement before their time. The Blood of Jesus Christ over you your family household and all your coming and goings in Jesus Name No weapon formed against you shall prosper.


  6. Dear Stewart,

    This is so sickening, and shows how much the enemy hates for the Truth to be revealed. Will keep you and Patti in prayer, and that the Lord puts a hedge of protection, a wall of fire around you both, your home and car that these evil assignments from the enemy can never penetrate.

    May God bless you and keep you both safe.

    Brother Hasko


  7. Stewart, I will be keeping you, Cindy and Patti in my prayers. I know we are in trying times, Thank you for all the hard work you do! Much Love and Blessings in Our Lord Jesus Christ! Carol


  8. Praying for your family, you and everyone on staff. Also for your listeners of the truth. The Most High Ahayah we as for Your great hand of protection around your people. Deliver us from your enemies. I prayers in Yeshua Hamashiach ( Jesus Christ) name. Amon


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