Best’s Intel Update 9-11-2022 – This, That and Something Else

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 9-11-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Russia, Biden, Harris, Obama, New World Order, 911, Strikes, Unrest, Famine Coming…

This a short update concerning what appears to be the immediate future of World War, revolution, collapse of everything we all have known and the horrific future that awaits an apostate world that has rejected Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation. More and more evidence is coming in that the elite of this world are now full speed ahead on their quest for a TOTALLY NEW WORLD where millions will be terminated and the rest totally controlled 24/7/365 but few are paying attention to the agenda and refuse to believe it could happen here. Prophecy of Harris becoming President, but Obama is running it behind a veil, but he will come out into the open soon after…


2 thoughts on “Best’s Intel Update 9-11-2022 – This, That and Something Else

  1. Hey, I don’t think we should take our eyes off of what is occurring with The Monarchy in England. I have been concern regarding Prince now King Charles III Health. I think there is something wrong. I just have it in my spirit but matters may not be settled.


  2. Hello, Stewart. Regarding the mention on tonight’s Night Shadows of the breakup of the Galaxy 11 comms satellite, it’s really a situation where the numbers are coming in so fast it’s nearly impossible to process them all.

    This news first hit on 9/9/22. There are 6 letters in Galaxy, for a 911. And the satellite launched 12/22/1999, 9 days from Y2K. Have I missed anything? Probably.

    Dave F.


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