Best’s Intelligence Extended Hour 9-9-2022 – Some Of Everything & More…

Night Shadows Radio 9-9-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Cosmic Signs, Earth Changes, 911, Putin, Queen, UN, Revolution, UFO, Arrival, Depression & More…

The date of 9-11 draws close, but does it mean anything for the year 2022 or is this yet another sign of trouble coming upon the Earth and sudden destruction? We have a FULL HARVEST MOON tonight and the 10th, and almost full moon on 9-11. It is interesting that this full moon will pass between JUPITER and SATURN, yet another cosmic sign. Are we about to see the LAST OF TRUMP, and does it imply that we are also seeing the LAST TRUMP and the removal of the Church at the FEAST OF TRUMPETS “LAST TRUMP”? The EU is having huge economic problems and experts warn a collapse is coming that would bring down the world’s economic system. UN and WEF moving fast to bring in their GREAT RESET. War rumors everywhere and more…


2 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Extended Hour 9-9-2022 – Some Of Everything & More…

  1. Im so looking forward to this THIS year Trumpets < Atonement, and Tabernacles…esp day one and 8 of Tabernacles! If not, will we have 7 more years to wait???? Dear Jesus , How long!? Overcoming in His Name ! Love and thanks for all, Lu

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    • To tell you the truth, The catching away of The Church could happen at any time. I personally believe that when we try to put God in a box and like telling him what to do or what he do on certain dates is dangerous. I am not at odds with you but, the day and hour no man knows except the father in Heaven. The catching away of the church could be any day,any hour. That is why a person has to always be dressed.

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