Best’s Intel Update 9-7-2022 – Some Of Something, But Maybe That Also

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio @ 7:00 PM CDT

Russia, Putin, Biden, 911, UFO, China, Israel, Earth Changes, And More…

So we are now 4 days away from the infamous day of 9-11, and more evidence is pouring in that this date will mark major changes and the advancement of the New World Order. Then we have more rumbles of WW3 with Russia speaking of Europe being attacked and so on and the war talk goes, but sooner or later it WILL HAPPEN and very few people are ready for it. America is under attack from many areas with FOOD, FUEL, ENERGY, WEATHER and so on. This is the process where you “soften” the enemy up from within just before you launch the next phase of the invasion. Americans are clueless, apostate and are totally apathetic about what is coming upon them. It appears that God has had enough of this and all hell is about to break loose. Watch 9-11 and beyond for trouble.