Best’s Intel Update For 8-3-2022 – Some Of This And Who Knows What Else?

Tonight On Night Shadows 8-3-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

China, Taiwan, Russia, Israel, NATO, WHO, UN, Arrival and More…

The USA calls the China bluff, and not only did they allow Pelosi to land in Taiwan, they also created a safe flight path out so China, in spite of all the warnings did nothing. However, this only emboldens America to do more with Taiwan which China claims is part of China. We do not know what China will do, if anything to punish Taiwan, so we wait and watch. In the meantime, Russia publishes a map that all but wipes out Ukraine and Russia claims 95% of Ukraine as its own. The WHO is pushing fear and restrictions for monkey pox and now says it will become much more wide-spread and so everyone needs to be vaccinated and on and on it goes…


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