Best’s Intelligence Review Hour 7-29-2022  This, Possibly That & Something Else

UFO, Arrival, Delusions, War, Putin, China, Taiwan, Biden, NATO, UN, WHO, CDC, FDA & More…

July went by rapidly as it seems that time itself is “speeding up” as it seems less and less can be accomplished in a day’s work – UFO reports indicate that the time of Jacob’s Trouble is getting very close, as the acclimation project is going full bore now. Warnings about the coming arrival appear to be unheeded and God warns humanity to listen, but the apostasy grows ever greater. The strong delusion is now upon us as the world abandons the Bible as mythology and the ARRIVAL will prove it to be so to humanity. A New Golden Age is very close at hand. The delusions of the “aliens” will intensify as the arrival draws ever closer and more…


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