Best’s Intelligence Hour For 7-27-2022 – This, Mostly That & The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 7-27-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Barry Roffman Joins Larry & Stewart – Time Travel, Torah Codes, Mysteries and More…

Barry Roffman joins Larry & Stewart to explore the mysteries of time, space, multiverses and what Barry’s research has led him to believe in this extended program. Barry’s research into the Torah Codes has unveiled such things as time travelers and much more in this wild world we live in. It appears that many mysteries of the universe will be unlocked as we approach the time of the end. We will also investigate current events, UFO activity, the 4th Reich and more in this extended broadcast. Hopefully we will not be censored…

Links of Interest:

The second one is Air Force Teleportation Report, Basiago & Torah Code. There is some overlap. Its URL is

97 minute interview of Basiago by Dr. Michael Salla. It  does not include discussion about Jesus. The original interview is at

The interview that discusses Jesus is at

The link is


P.S. – Project Redstar – Tithonia City – Mars – LINK to documentary:

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