Best’s Intel Update 7-20-2022 – Maybe This, Maybe That, But For Sure Something

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 7-20-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Mass Die-offs, Rachel Crying, WHO, UN, CDC, War, Insanity Reigns & More…

Was 7-15-2022 a seven-day warning for more trouble on Earth? Biden betrays Israel, while a super Buck and Thunder Moon are over-head, and you might want to remember that Mr. 666 ( said in 2008 that he would change America and THE WORLD in “one week”, that hearkens back to Daniel and the 70th week of years – and does this mean that we are about to see Lucifer come out into the open as the next Wizard of Oz – to destroy the world and replace humanity with hybrids and on and on it goes in this evil Matrix…


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